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Benefits & Applications of Indian Sandstone Patio Slabs

Sandstone is a type of rock;it is distinguished by a consistent structure and mixture of other minerals such as quartz and feldspar calcite and dolomite. There is no doubt that the Indian stone paving slabs will complement your garden by adding a traditional, and contemporary look and enhancing the overall appearance. The variation is very wide, the prices differ dramatically. In this guide, we will take you through various Limestone and Sandstone options that we currently have their purpose and the reason behind the price’s difference.

Reliable and trusted by many MGN Builders Merchants store London stock quality Indian stone paving & limestone patio slabs that are sourced from trusted and reliable manufacturers. stone slabs supplied by MGN are consistent and dense as a result they have lower water content and are more resistant to moisture absorption, they are frost resistant and therefore will not crack.

What is Calibrated Indian Sandstone?

Essentially the term Calibrated sandstone paving means that the paving has been sawn to secure and optimal even standard thickness to a tolerance of + 2mm, it guarantees a high-quality finish and consistent pack weight.

Indian sandstone paving and limestone paving normally come in a pack where each pack has its own unique and laying pattern consisting of 4 – 5 different sized slabs. The patio packs offer great benefit and allows to avoid wastage and will save time that you might have spent creating a design or buying additional packs – since might lead to a difference in colour and texture. It is important to note that the pack vary from batch to batch, so it is advisable where possible to estimate the required amount and buy a batch in one go.

Types Of Sandstone Paving

 There are many types of sandstone in the world, some are suitable for internal application and there are type that are unsuitable for outdoor use this could be to do with the climate condition, and there are sandstones that can be safely used even for paving public places with the highest traffic. For such purposes, all the Indian sandstones we have presented are excellent.

To proof, the durability and strength of sandstone stone the Raj green sandstone paving that was layer decade ago in Central Park In New York are still there.

One of the main reasons why natural stone paving is so famous is because of the colour variation and textures it offers. The variation of colours of sandstone and limestone paving is very wide and will reflect the rock layers which will include natural shades and colours present in it ranging from pale creams, greys beiges and rich browns.

The stone paving comes in different textures such as riven and smooth, smooth being the most popular one and mostly chosen for contemporary paving designs.

Riven sandstone slabs are created with precise cut edges from split stones with the surface created textured and riven. Cheap riven slabs are specifically created so that the laying pattern is precise and consistent.

Use & Application

The sandstone slabs are predominantly used for garden and landscaping projects and vertical cladding internally or externally. When the slabs are used vertically the slabs with sawn edges are chosen and not more than 20 mm thick.  Smooth sandstone patio slabs are widely used where contemporary and smooth paving designs are desired. The smooth finish is sometimes achieved by removing the riven surface texture manually by taking the slabs through the production process.

These slabs are intended for foot traffic they can be laid in a direct direction on the lawn, there is no need to use dry cement mixes or mortars, however, a minimal base of sand and gravel are required.

Consider project specifications, your own preferences and get in touch with your trusted patio slabs supplier one of the reliable Indian sandstone suppliers is MGN Builders Merchants you can check their website https://www.mgnbm.co.uk/garden-landscaping/paving-slabs/limestone-sandstone/. Be sure to compliment the wide list of amazing features it has to offer. Whichever you choose, traditional or contemporary patio slabs be sure that your garden will be protected against mould growth it will be resistant to adverse w4eather conditions whether high humidity or extremely high temperatures the sandstone paving can withstand these all.

The variation is very wide with huge colour, texture and finishes options it is quite easy to get lost. MGN Builders Merchants is an experienced supplier of patio slabs can confirm that if we were to compare limestone and sandstone paving it is evident that the sandstone patio is a winner when it comes to colour, texture and finishes comparison. When it comes to durability then the limestone is a winner here – if you are looking for exceptionally hard-wearing paving


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