Ben Foden wants Dancing on Ice to show people that he’s not a “bad guy” after Una Healy splits.

Ben Foden He was the first to admit that his public image wasn’t the best in the last few years. Rugby Ace made the headline to his ex-wife to be dishonest, Saturday singer Una Healy, In 2018. And in 2019, He married American businessman Jackie Belanov Smith after two weeks of dating. – The day his divorce happened.

But now Ben to share Jackie and her 19-month-old daughter Fara, 37, say OK!He wants his stint this year Dancing on ice Can help redeem him in the eyes of the public. Sign up as OK! VIP – Free! – To see what he has to say below.

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“By doing a show like this, you try to show people at home that I’m not a bad guy, everyone makes mistakes,” explains 36. “I’m very happy, and we went beyond that. Jackie and I have Fara, Una, and I’m in a good place. It’s all part of the healing process, How you are perceived. And I think we have reached that point. “

When you catch up with Zoom after a stunning family shoot, it’s clear that the couple is very much loved and they defeat the fear of the Dancing on Ice curse.

During our chat, their gorgeous daughter pops up and greets you. So is Tadog, whose 6-year-old son Ben shares with Una (40) and his daughter Aoife (9).

Ben wants Dancing on Ice to heal his public image
Ben and Jackie are open about their relationship

Tadhg and Aoife live in Ireland with their mother, but visited Ben’s brother Tom’s house in Chescher for Christmas. There, the couple stays during Ben’s Dancing on Ice journey.

Here, they unveil their plans for the future and talk about potential relocations from their current home in New York to the UK, and when to give birth to another baby …

Hello both! Are you doing ok?

Ben: We are being scrapped! Aoife and Tadhg are currently closed. We’re trying to do something every day, so yesterday we did a Warner Bros. Studios Tour, Winter Wonderland and Ice Skating at Waterworld. I am also training on the Dancing on Ice.

They are very good kids. We love to take them so that she can spend time with Fara because she loves them.

Please tell us about Dancing on Ice and Ben. Why did you want to participate?

Ben: I’ve been asked several times, but the rugby schedule didn’t do that.

It’s a chance to do something completely out of my comfort zone and I’ve done almost nothing in the past.

Couple shares 19-month-old daughter Fara

Who are your biggest competitors?

Ben: If you have a good dance background, like Kimberly [Wyatt] Or Brendan [Cole], You will get better.

I saw the Liberty Pool routine a few weeks ago, and she was very strong.I know Regan [Gascoigne] It’s really good to the point that the pros say he’s the best he’s ever seen in this tournament.

Do you feel uneasy about the referendum?

Ben: You just don’t know how you are perceived. My public image hasn’t been the best, thanks to the last three years. By doing a show like this, you try to show it to the people at home. I’m not a bad guy. Everyone makes mistakes.

I’m very happy, and we went beyond everything that was happening. Jackie and I have Fara, Una and I’m in a good place. It’s all part of the healing process and how you are perceived. And I think we’ve reached that point.

Jackie says he’s not worried about the Dancing on Ice curse

Jackie, do you want the public to see a different side of him?

Jackie: I don’t care what everyone thinks about him. It makes me feel terrible when people don’t know how great he is.

But all his friends, family, and people in his life know who he is and love him. I have the best person ever.

He feels sick, but it doesn’t bother me.

Are you worried about the so-called Dancing on Ice curse?

Ben: Someone said this and I was like “what a curse?” I’ve heard exactly about the curse, but not about the Dancing on Ice.

Jackie: Don’t worry. We are very much the same person and are on the same path.

Ben: If you mix all your training relationships, it’s going to be exhausting!

Jackie: I’m looking forward to the day Ben is actually fooling me. It’s hysterical to see the fire and rain pouring on him …

I’m kidding From day one, he has never made me delusional or anxious. He has never worried about me.

I’m not worried because I think you know deeply when that can happen and it’s not possible for us.

Ben and Jackie got married after two weeks of dating

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Are you doing well with Ben’s professional partner Robin Johnstone?

Jackie: She’s amazing! She looks like a big bunch of energy and I love her. My husband Andy is also nice. We had dinner and went to the escape room together.

Jackie, will you stay in the UK for the duration of the show?

Jackie: Yeah. We are here until the end of March. I have children for half a year in February. Aoife’s birthday is March 13th, so tickets will be booked at the end of March.

Little Fara is a 19 month old brave man, her mom says OK!

Ben, are the kids excited about you?

Ben: They came to see me practice yesterday and Tadhg thought I was good! If I’m still by February, they’ll come to see the live show.

Jackie: We stopped by and saw him doing the routine once, and they were just laughing, excited and laughing.

Would you like to consider returning here?

Ben: That’s a big question we’ve asked ourselves a lot. Jackie may move here.

Jackie: It depends only after rugby where Ben can work. There are major universities offering him jobs in the United States, but he is now shopping to find the best one.

Are you still playing at Rugby United in New York?

Ben: They asked me to play again this year, and I declined. I wanted to leave rugby to assess where I was. I want to move from playing to coaching.

America is a very big country and sports are just beginning, so there are many opportunities. It’s saturated here, so all you have to do is find one that works economically.

The couple say their future is undecided as Ben is considering work options

What milestone has Fara recently hit?

Jackie: She can understand everything we are saying. She is great on the iPad. She says 19 months of ordinary words like “Mumma”, “Dadda”, “one, two, three”.

I can’t wait for her to start talking. I just want to know who she is as a person and what she thinks. She is also very brave and crazy about everything.

Before thinking about having another child this year, you said. Is that still the case?

Jackie: I want to wait until summer! If you try in February or March, you’ll be a Christmas baby and have a December birthday, which is terrible.

We wait for it in the summer, wait for it, and hope it happens just like Fara.

Ben and Una split in 2018

Do older children want you to have more babies?

Jackie: They love Fara and at this point it’s the same as playing with more kids! They aren’t jealous at all, they are completely affectionate and very cute with her.

You celebrated your second wedding anniversary last year. How would you summarize the last few years?

Jackie: Blur. Many things happened at once, but we are really happy. It’s really easy and we’re working towards the same goal.

Ben shares two children with his ex-wife Una Healy

What do you like best about each other?

Ben: I love her energy. When we first met, I saw her with friends, and she was so nice and genuine about her that many people don’t have.

Jackie: I was confused when Ben entered my life. I was dating the wrong person in this ridiculous party girl who wasn’t doing anything. He came and soon changed my life. I’m a completely different person-happier, healthier and living my best life.

Ben, are you and Una on good terms?

Ben: Yeah. Obviously, what I did was very selfish about Una. I think it was a shock to her. I got married very early.

Una and I haven’t been together for a year and a half, but I think it was a big thing in the media and it was bad that it was everywhere.

So I apologized to her for that, and probably should have told her a little more about what was happening. But as time goes on, I think we are getting better and better.

Ben is partnering with Robin Johnstone for the Dancing on Ice

She looks happy in Ireland …

Ben: That’s where she wanted to be. Nearing the end of our relationship, we talked about where we wanted to go and she wanted to go to Ireland, but I never did.

We all had different opinions about our future life. She is very happy and I think she found her place in Ireland. She is also a very nice mother.

Ben playing at Rugby United New York

How did you get to a good place?

Ben: One of the big switches was this summer when Jackie went to take the kids, there was this carfaffle at the airport and Jackie couldn’t take the kids.

Jackie saw the children crying, which made her angry. Una came and was in charge. Looking at how much Jackie cares, I think she’s more relieved because Una doesn’t hand over her child to a random female.

Jackie: Una’s mom was there too. They were hugging me. They were lovers. I think it brought us closer.

Then I tweeted, and someone said they had just experienced the same thing, and because Fara is their brother and a US citizen, they can come. So we were talking to lawyers all week, and I took them a week later!

Ben: I was processing green cards, so I couldn’t leave the country at that time.

What are your plans for the future as a family?

Jackie: It’s all in the air. We are drifting and taking advantage of it when the opportunity arises. This is exciting. After March, I will return to New York for a while. I do some work in my company, and Ben decides his next step!

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Ben Foden wants Dancing on Ice to show people that he's not a "bad guy" after Una Healy splits.

Source link Ben Foden wants Dancing on Ice to show people that he's not a "bad guy" after Una Healy splits.

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