Bella Hadid details an episode of “unbearable” depression

Bella Hadid He detailed the “unbearable” depression episodes she endures, defending her decision to share her crying snaps on social media.

Last year, an American model published her mental illness to 48.5 million Instagram followers, where she shared a series of crying selfies.

Bella said she has been “unbearably debilitating” mental and physical pain for the past three years, and the reason is not clear.

When trying to explain to Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid’s mother, ex-model, The Real Housewives, and her doctor how she feels, the 25-year-old uses photos to help her feel better. In the words that I said I couldn’t express.

Bella Hadid described her depression as “unbearably debilitating.”

“I really had a depression episode, so my mother and doctor asked me how I was. […] If you reply in text, all you have to do is send the photo, “Bella explained. The Wall Street Journal.

The beauty of the brunette also upheld her decision to discuss and post the photos shared on social media in November 2021.

She states:

“”[I posted those photos] To make sure that anyone who feels that way knows it’s okay to feel that way, “Bella continued. “Things look very beautiful on Instagram, but after all, we’re all cut from the same cloth.”

The runway model opened her decision to share her emotional selfies
The runway model opened her decision to share her emotional selfies

Bella said she made her feel by sharing photos "Less loneliness"
Bella said she felt “less lonely” by sharing photos.

The model added how she felt “I was able to tell (her) truth” and she felt “I can’t post nice pretty pictures anymore”. ..

Bella, who discussed her current state of mental health in the publication, claimed that she had a “good day” and that the interview was conducted on one day.

“My brain fog feels good and I don’t feel depressed. I’m not as worried as I usually do,” he said. “But I can wake up tomorrow [be] It’s the exact opposite. So I am very overwhelmed. “

Bella is the sister of fellow model Gigi Hadid
Bella is the sister of fellow model Gigi Hadid

As well as her mental health, Bella has opened up about her ongoing fight against Lyme disease-a bacterial infection that can spread to humans by infected ticks, NHS.. The model was diagnosed with this condition in 2012.

She told The Telegraph in 2017: I thought I was going to ride a horse for the rest of my life. But everything happens for a reason. That is my motto now and I am very happy to be where I am. “

Bella continued. “Hopefully, after a few years, I can start riding again and buy a big barn in the north and me and my mother. [who also has Lyme disease] You can ride whenever you want. “

Symptoms of the disease include headaches, pain in muscles and joints, and loss of energy.

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Bella Hadid details an episode of "unbearable" depression

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