Bell Hassan raises concerns by saying “I can’t take it anymore” in a long post

Bell Hassan He dealt with the abuse he suffered as a result of going to Love Island, leaving behind a million Instagram followers worried about the well-being of the 26-year-old.

Bell shot to gain fame Love island In 2019 when she became Romantically involved with Anton Daniruk, a fellow islander.

She is also the daughter of actor Tamer Hassan, who is known for starring in The Football Factory, Snatch, EastEnders and more. Game of Thrones.

Since starring in Love Island, Bell says she has been abused, including being beaten in the face and “beginned” by a girl.

Bell Hassan opened up about the abuse she suffered as a result of Love Island

Bell was enjoying the night in Winter Wonderland with his friends when things seemed to change.

Bronze beauty shared a photo of her enjoying the night at London’s famous winter wonderland Last night, Friday, December 17th, I later visited Instagram and told my followers, “I’m tired of staying strong.”

Bell wrote down his photo he shared early in the night and wrote:

“It’s so sad to think that I’ve been on a Poxy TV show for a short time, so I can’t live my life again unless I’m hit in the face for no reason or the girl abuses me for the first time. There is no reason. “

Bell was at Love Island 2019

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She goes on to say:

“This is my reality and I’m tired of staying strong. This is what I hide from society every week because I don’t want anyone to see this side of reality TV. But this is my truth and I’m taking time now.

“Honestly, I’m done because I can’t take any more mentally and physically from now on.”

Bell shared a long statement on social media

Bell captioned a very straightforward post. I noticed a lot tonight. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to explain myself. I’ll come back and explain when I’m ready, but I’m taking some time now, and I appreciate your understanding and support.

“I love you and thank everyone who has always supported me on this crazy journey. But for now, I need time to handle things.”

Bell followers, including fellow Love Islanders, have since shared their support at the age of 26.

Bell said, “I’m tired of having to stand up for myself.”

Faye Winter writes: “Send love,” Amber Gil wrote:

Francesa Allen replied with a sad-faced emoji, followed by “Make my girl stronger.”

Someone else said: “I’m sorry that people were stupid jealous b * thes and were dragged into their big toes instead of being raised in manners. It’s someone for the show. It is very telling that he chooses to harass him. Poor. Send love. “

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Bell Hassan raises concerns by saying "I can't take it anymore" in a long post

Source link Bell Hassan raises concerns by saying "I can't take it anymore" in a long post

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