Beijing says Britain saw too many 007 movies in a line of spies

British intelligence MI5 has issued a warning to MPs who claim to be “representatives of the Chinese government.” Was it “active”?In parliament

Beijing strongly denied allegations that Christine Lee worked to interfere with British politics by infiltrating parliament on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and accusing MI5 of slander and intimidation.

In response to the allegations released Thursday, the Chinese embassy in London counterattacked MI5 and the British government, saying “you don’t have to buy influence in a foreign parliament.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wentan ridiculed the allegations, suggesting that British officials “watched so many 007 movies that led to unnecessary psychological associations,” these “warnings.” The remarks of the scholars “.

“We strongly oppose the tricks of slander and intimidation against the British Chinese community.” statement “China always adheres to the principle of non-interference,” he added on the embassy’s website. [an]Domestic affairs of other countries “

The firm denial comes after Conservative senior politician Iain Duncan Smith sees a letter from MP Lindsay Hoyle to all MPs. In a statement to the House of Commons, Duncan Smith warned of a woman named Christine Lee, “Foil was contacted by MI5 …” engaged in political intervention on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. ” Insisted.

Lee, who is believed to have been involved in the Chinese of the British Parliamentary League, has been accused of “involvement” with parliamentarians to “overturn the process here” on behalf of the CCP.

Following Duncan Smith’s statement, Labor Barry Gardiner received funding from Lee, but contacted British security agencies about the donation, totaling over £ 420,000 ($ 576,720) over five years. It was confirmed. The government believes that individuals are “deeply concerned” that they have targeted parliamentarians to “engage in political interference on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.”


Beijing says Britain saw too many 007 movies in a line of spies

SourceBeijing says Britain saw too many 007 movies in a line of spies

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