Because future-proof UC technologies and solutions are more important today than ever

During the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams became popular among a wide variety of user groups providing a solid foundation for remote working around the world. The huge success of popular online collaboration platforms is not a short-term trend. As hybrid work has established itself from a temporary solution to a permanent component in business and education, employees and students alike expect their familiar collaboration platform to remain an essential part of their work or learning experience, regardless whether they are attending a meeting remotely or on site. Companies that want to continue to operate successfully in this new environment and remain attractive to candidates need to rethink and, if necessary, adapt the way they work in their company.

Unified Communication: Guarantees 100% integration in a time of change

The UC approach is based on the idea that all communication channels, end devices and media are integrated with the aim of optimizing communication for all employees or users, regardless of location and in real time. This it does UC a fundamental prerequisite in the hybrid world of work. UC products include technical equipment, software and services that provide and combine multiple business communication channels, such as video, messaging, voicemail, and content sharing. UC solutions aim to simplify communication within companies and thus to increase productivity. One of the most used UC platforms is the Microsoft Teams app which owes its popularity to, among other things, its integration with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams rooms (MTR) is a cloud-based UC solution that combines Microsoft Teams virtual workspace with “real world” meeting rooms equipped with AV equipment from Microsoft-certified hardware partners for the Teams Room experience to ensure an experience Reliable and high-quality audio and video experience, no matter if you join the meeting from the room or remotely. The latest developments in UC (including the rise of MTR) and the need for companies and all economic actors to take action to stay productive and run their business in any situation require appropriate solutions.

As a company, Sennheiser is no different. The absolute priority of the company is to open to its customers a product experience that integrates into their personal working habitat and at the same time is in step with the times and the resulting needs. That’s why, for example, Sennheiser TeamConnect ceiling 2 microphone is Microsoft Teams certified and Zoom certified.

Also, Sennheiser recently announced its TeamConnect smart speaker, which is the ultimate audio solution optimized for mid-sized Microsoft Teams Room for up to 10 people. It’s specifically designed to give teams a whole new way to collaborate in hybrid meetings – smart, focused, inclusive, and as if everyone is in one place.

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Because future-proof UC technologies and solutions are more important today than ever

Source link Because future-proof UC technologies and solutions are more important today than ever

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