BCG shows how to use AI the right way

Most artificial intelligence (AI) attempts fail. They do not fail because of the tool, the core software, or bad data. They fail because they do not integrate into business and are more of a hindrance than an aid.

This is not just an AI problem; it is true for most types of automation. Projects fail because the people building the solution have no idea about the actual goal, nature and dependencies of their current operations, or even whether those operations are optimized. (In some ways suggesting that AI failure may be more beneficial – if you have a bad process in place, the last thing you want to do is speed it up!)

To achieve success, you must first set the process or operation, fully define it, set a set of achievable goals for the AI ​​project and team, and then execute it. That’s why I’m interested BCG, a more AI – oriented consultancy; his tactics arose out of efforts to help companies improve operations with a strategic goal in mind.

We talk about how to do AI projects properly by using BCG’s focus on whatever process you plan to improve with fixing and optimizing AI.

Speed ​​vs direction

While doing competitive analysis, I attended a lecture at the annual meeting of the Association of Competitive Information Professionals (SCIP) that impressed me. The speaker set up an X / Y chart showing speed vs. direction and argued that most companies focus on speed first – often leading a company to go in the wrong direction faster. It may seem obvious, but he insisted that you must be clear on the direction you want to take before you can accelerate.

AI has an advantage of speed, and any kind of automation. It can greatly speed up whatever is being modified. If it changes good practice, you will get more good results. If it changes to a bad one, you will get worse results faster, which can lead to disaster.

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BCG shows how to use AI the right way

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