Bayer announces FieldMate Agritech app for faster decision making-

World-leading innovator in crop protection Bayer CropScience Gives the agricultural sector greater access to valuable data, information and content with the release of the new FieldMate app.

Migrating popular first-generation apps to the new platform will immediately benefit users and enable future innovations in technology-enabled crop protection support.

FieldMate is an important resource for diagnosing problems in the field, from pests and potentially harmful weeds to diseased crops, and is the latest digital tool in Bayer’s smart agricultural approach. The new app already contains data equivalent to three large directories and reference books to help growers, agronomists and students make faster diagnoses.

Created in partnership with long-term digital partners Code ComputerloveBayer puts user insights and farmer feedback at the heart of app development, giving them access to improved analytics and driving further enhancements.

Richard Murdoch, Lead Digital Consultant at Code Computerlove, said:

“Like many other sectors, real-time information is essential in the agricultural sector, and technology plays a fundamental role in giving end users access to an up-to-date knowledge base and resources.

“FieldMate has been developed to help Bayer’s team manage content updates more efficiently, and related alerts are now available in the app.

“We created a more scalable and feature-rich solution and improved the overall user experience and design interface based on a co-creation approach involving the agricultural community.

“We’ve added new features to our app, but this is just the beginning. By using an analytics-driven platform, we know exactly which features are most valuable and based on user insights. Can be used for future development and product innovation. “

Rachel Roberts, Marketing and Communications Manager at Bayer CropScience, said:

“Our investment in agricultural technology is closely linked to our ongoing commitment to product development to meet our customers’ needs.

“Digital solutions are essential to provide quick and easy access to important information and increase efficiency and effectiveness within the company. With new apps, content is updated quickly and regulations change rapidly in the industry. You can check that it complies with the law.

“By involving the audience throughout the development process, we want to continue to support the needs of our audience and create solutions that stay ahead of the technology solution.”

Bayer announces FieldMate Agritech app for faster decision making-

Source link Bayer announces FieldMate Agritech app for faster decision making-

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