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Barry Cryer, who died at the age of 86, has established himself as a writer for the television show The Two Ronnies. He also collaborated with other British comedy stars such as Tommy Cooper, Sir Billy Connolly, Kenny Everett, Dave Allen and Les Dawson.

Crier He was awarded the OBE in 2001 and his Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018. Comedy career According to the British Music Hall Association.

From a quick one-liner to his jokes about birds, here are some of his best resources over the years.

Barry Cryer (right) collaborated with comedy stars, including the late Ronnie Corbett

Some of his best one liners

“Quick-the sound of a dyslexic duck.”

“Analyzing a comedy is like dissecting a frog. No one laughs and the frog dies.”

“Hashtags, party games chasing drugs.”

“Picasso was attacked by a robber and painted a picture of the robber. Police arrested a horse and two sardines.”

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Barry Cryer Moth Joke


Crier told his often-called moth joke about an unfaithful wife who hides her lover in her bedroom when her husband returns early from a business trip.

When the man was found naked and hit the air in the cupboard, he claimed to have been sent by the council to deal with the moth problem, suggesting that they ate his clothes.

“Ultimate” parrot joke

Cryer claimed that his ultimate parrot joke was published in The Oldie magazine in 2020. The joke describes a woman who buys a parrot for only £ 5.

“Well, I have to confess, it was raised in a brothel,” says the shopkeeper. “And, politely, it has a fairly broad vocabulary.”

“Don’t worry,” says the woman. “At that price, I take it.”

So she takes the parrot home, puts the cage in the living room, and removes the cover.

“New place-very nice,” says Aum.

Then there are two female daughters.

“A new place, a new girl-very nice,” says Aum.

Then the female husband comes in and Aum says, “Hello Keith!”

Barry Cryer attends the Oldy of the Year Awards at Simpson's in the Strand in London. Press Association photo. Photographed date: Tuesday, February 2, 2016. Photo provider: Yui Mok / PA Wire
From a quick one-liner to his famous joke about parrots


You know about the man who shot the golden eagle. He was in court in front of a justice of the peace.

Justice of the peace said, “This is horrible.”

He said: “I never intended. I was shooting a pheasant, and it flew to my line of fire.”

Justice of the Peace said, “OK, interestingly, what did you do with it?”

He said: “I ate it.”

Justice of the Peace said: “Good God, what did it taste like?”

He replied: “Rather like a swan.”


One of Cryer’s first jokes told on stage was about a man driving a country road over Kokerel.

He goes to the farmhouse and knocks on the door.

When the scalpel opens it, he says: “I seem to have killed your Kokerel. I want to replace him.”

She replies: “Please, the chicken is behind.”

Barry Cryer’s Best Jokes Over The Year | Ent & Arts News

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