Barcelona is wasting a year of reconstruction in the unwinnable situation of Ronald Koeman

Let’s be clear from the beginning: this is not about management ability Ronald Koeman..Whatever the views of each fan, the expert, and even the current player Barcelona The head coach has little to do with this stage.

He will not be in the hotseat for much longer for some reason, and there is a strict inevitability about what It happens-not just when..

Sunday defeat El Classico In the end it was closer than before: real Madrid Sergio Aguero wins 2-1 after gaining very slow comfort, His first Barca shirt, but it doesn’t really tell the story of the match or season.

Barcelona worked hard, had quality moments and showed heart-everything is right for managers trying to improve the sick side trying to overcome the worst summer in modern history.But in the end, they were missing miles, Real barely broke into 3rd gear: they didn’t have to NS Anything but waiting for Barcelona’s almost meaningless pass to end with a breakaway chance on the other side of the pitch.

Both goals came from that route, but the Camp Nou side created exactly one opening 95 minutes ago and was sent high above the crossbar by Sergiño Dest.

Koeman does not have the resources to compete with the top Spanish teams this season. You can’t even compete with the top European teams. Even if the entire football world is aware of Barcelona’s collapse and the first steps to return to equality with a long-term contract signed by Ansu Fati and Pedri, not only free but years of investment A transfer is created each time the required salary budget is fully released into one. This means you can bring pitch problems back to a competitive level.

Much more about the style, system, and how to get the most out of your key players, rather than just quality injections, the band-aid approach currently in use, system switching, and how to overrun regardless. You need a robust philosophy. .. Barcelona needs to be completely rebuilt.

And Koeman isn’t around to oversee it.

A well-known secret of contempt for each other’s methods, shared by Dutch coaches and club president Joan Laporta. It’s about the only thing they seem to share. Continuing media interactions, the number of games Koeman has to save himself, who will replace him, the cost of offloading him, and whether the club can afford it. Guess-They all show clear results.

Ultimately, the results on the pitch are unlikely to affect Kuman’s work.

Prior to being defeated by Real Madrid, Laporta secured member approval for a € 1.5 billion loan. He explained that he would secure the club’s immediate future and continue to work towards the future of the club, including overhauling the training grounds and refreshing Camp Nou. .. Laporta also ensured spending transparency to its members and gave them more say.

As for how Barca fans feel about their current head coach, only the unpleasant post-match disgust of seeing Kuman’s car surrounded by angry supporters as he leaves the stadium. Please pay attention to. The club has blamed the people involved, but if another option is offered, it won’t blink to have to use millions to offload the manager.

Now let’s get back to the point.

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Whether it’s Koeman or not Maybe … Rebuild Barcelona, ​​he won’t. And the club is wasting the season by prolonging this situation and is at risk of not making an important top four berth in 2021/22-they are currently in ninth place after nine games. Anyway, it can show all sorts of consistency in particular.

The development of people at risk of breakthroughs like Fati and Pedri, the striking youth Gabi and Nico, and the rest of the fringe players, Alex Balde and Yusufdemir-they are Koeman and Co. There is no way to say, and certainly they are taking the time to play the game. But once new bosses come in and the entire club defines the way they want to play, the process may have to resume with them. It’s not enough to say “Barcelona’s way”. For example, a vague reference that lacks an understanding of what Pep Guardiola did when he was in the club. That was over 10 years ago. Soccer has changed. If they want sustainable success on the pitch, the core value of ownership (or any other approach) is fine, but Europe’s current behavioral style needs to be improved.

If you waste the rest of the season with this void, Barcelona runs the risk of an even longer route to the top. If you miss the Champions League, it doubles. Players who may need to sign will only see a downward spiral in the club.

It’s not the situation Koeman is making at all, but he knows exactly what he’s heading for and can’t complain about how it ends. For the club, and for the future, it should be early, not late.

Barcelona is wasting a year of reconstruction in the unwinnable situation of Ronald Koeman

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