Bake Off’s Crystelle admits she was “almost hyperventilated” on the Channel 4 show assignment.

The last time I saw Crystelle Pereira, the sun was British bake off Tent, and she was delighted to be one of the finalists of the year.

“Baking off was like a cross between vacationing and having a baking boot camp,” said a 26-year-old woman. Final show aired..

With the combination of Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood flavors, Christel gave us a glimpse of her family life, so her “close” sister Correll, 28 and 30 years old Chanel, gave her a glimpse of her family life. It’s nice to join for the first time-I’ve shot it before when I visited my family at their home in northwest London.

Great British Bake Off Crystelle Pereira states that some of the challenges on the Channel 4 show left her “almost hyperventilated.”

Crystelle was still “falling to earth” from her success at the show she shoots during the summer, as she was cooking only for friends and family.

“I can’t believe it happened at all.

“My dad keeps saying,’Christel, can you believe you were part of the bake off?’ I think I’ll be hit when all sorts of problems occur around this time next year. increase.”

Here she says understood! Why she had to borrow clothes from the crew, why the series ruined her sister’s pre-wedding meal, and why she refused to propose on social media …

Crystelle, you’ve been in the bake-off bubble all summer – did you miss your family?

Hooray. I live at home with my parents and my two sisters and we are all very intimate. Doing a bake off was like a cross between vacationing and having a baking boot camp.

I called my family every night and wrote down what was happening. Thanks to my sisters for participating in the show in the first place.

How did they persuade you to apply?

I am very close to my sisters and sometimes they know me better than I know myself.

I have loved food since I was a child, and recently baking has developed. It became even more serious when I got my stand mixer on my 25th birthday, which I started about three years ago.

My sister continued to say, “You should sign up for Bake Off.” I wanted to do it, but I felt that I needed more experience.

He suggested that the right time might not come, and said that he had nothing to lose and should apply now. I panicked when I knew I was riding and thought I was going out in the first week.

You said at bake off you were a prank at school …

I was known as a class clown. My family wasn’t brute force, and my dad always said, “I’ll do my best and thank you for the education you’re receiving.”

He also said he didn’t care what grade I got at school, but when my GCSE approached, my parents sat me down and said. What happens to your life if you fail the exam? ”

I attended the same school as my sisters, both of whom were highly educated. Overnight I paid attention and decided to work hard. I realized that I like language and math.

After that, I studied French and Spanish at university.

The 26-year-old was advised by her sisters Correll and Chanel to apply for the show.

Have you ever seen yourself at the bake off?

My family wanted to see every episode as soon as it came out, so I had to do it, so we’ll all see it.

I’m not used to watching myself on TV yet. I remember being very sweaty and nervous before the first episode began.

Everyone in my family was very excited and sat there screaming every time I came.

Are you nervous about being scrutinized by Paul?

It was a little scary, but until then I was baking it just for my family and friends, so both Paul and Plou tried it. There were two professionals here.

Before the first review of my mini roll, I was almost hyperventilated thinking they were trying mine.

Did Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding procrastinate you when they crouched while you were baking?

Matt and Noel breathe fresh air into the tent. It’s a lot of pressure and you’re under so much stress that you can take things seriously.

Besides, I never bake in an empty kitchen – my sister is begging me and wants to eat butter cream from a bowl. Matt and Noel just took on the role of my sister, it was very nice.

Baking Star admits that he has been proposing on social media since the show!

Did you go out with Paul, Plou, Matt and Noel after shooting?

no. They were quite far from us because they had to remain objective. When the shoot was over, we all had a drink together and Paul tried to troubleshoot my Focaccia but couldn’t put his finger on why it didn’t work.

Do your sisters cook?

Absolutely not! When we were growing up, I was the only person interested in food, so I ended up having a major tasting at home.

I was the one who ate the most and cooked the most. Both my parents cook. When I was a kid, they were always cooking in the kitchen, so I picked it up from them.

You don’t look like a lot of cake eaters, but why do you stay so slim?

do not know. I have huge sweet teeth. I think it’s because I eat everything in moderation and don’t deny myself.

I never skip a meal either. I always eat breakfast, lunch and supper every day. Her wedding meal went out the window because my poor sister was supposed to get married next year and she had to try all my cakes!

Have you seen other contestants after shooting?

Yes, we have met several times. They all came to my house at the end of October. I made a lot of curry and they all brought me dessert.

Are you planning to leave home and live alone?

Not at the moment. I thought about it, but my parents do everything to keep us all at home. Living at home is a blessing. We are all doing very well. We are a close family and we all put weight around the house.

Crystelle invited us to a house in northwest London and told us everything about our life since joining Bake Off.

Do your sisters borrow your clothes?

It’s the opposite. I’m not a fashionista, so I wear anything. I also wear a lot of black, but the show needed more colorful clothes, so I attacked my sister’s wardrobe.

I didn’t expect to be in the bake off for a really long time, so I couldn’t get enough clothes and had to buy more online. Towards the end of the shoot, I had to ask the crew to lend me clothes!

What is the status of your relationship?

I am single. I don’t have time for a date, but I proposed on Instagram, but I politely declined.

Have you been recognized yet?

I was attending a JLS concert recently and these girls came to me and said, “You’re Bake Off Christel!” It was very crazy because I was there as a fan and had my own fans. Everyone was very nice.

Are you disappointed that you didn’t win?

No, Giuseppe had something magical [Dell’Anno]Bake and he were a worthy winner. We were friends and wanted each other to do well. We were all really sad when someone left.

Crystelle surprised judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with her favorite combination.

It was an incredible bake-off series, have you returned to Earth yet?

I can’t believe it happened. My dad keeps saying, “Christel, can you believe you were part of the Bake Off?” I will be hit when all sorts of problems occur at this time of next year.

Did you have a job offer after the series?

I have an agent now, but not so long. I’m still working for a day. Bake Off is a great icebreaker because I work in customer relationship finance and my clients love to talk about it.

What will happen in the future?

do not know. I take things step by step. My passion is food, cooking and travel. If I can manage to combine all three, that’s my dream.

Crystelle won second place on Channel 4 show, Italy’s Giuseppe dellano won the bake-off crown

What are your plans for Christmas?

We never really leave and are always at home with our family. I eat a lot of food there.I’ll cook a lot and bake it
I spend a lot of Christmas movies and a fulfilling time with my family. It’s really, really nice.

Do you have a special tradition?

Since we are Catholic, we always go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, but there is a Portuguese and Gore tradition of making these sweets with almonds and cashew nuts at first, and we make them together as a family.

And after the Midnight Mass, break the can and open it to eat.

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And do you cook?

Yeah, I especially love cooking for Christmas, but I also love Boxing Day cooking because I’m so strong in not wasting food. I love cooking new dishes and hunting for leftovers to see what I can come up with.

Do you have any tips for keeping your kitchen cool?

The best reason for me is to get everyone out of the kitchen because I like being in my space! Also, I try to organize as much as possible, so make sure you have all the ingredients ready.

And most importantly, make something you enjoy. Because the worst thing is to cook with a really negative idea. If you enjoy what you are doing, the whole thing will be better.

If you cook and bake with love, the food will be delicious.

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Bake Off's Crystelle admits she was "almost hyperventilated" on the Channel 4 show assignment.

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