For those who yearn to go straight back to twentieth-century music and indulge in heavenly harmonies, Go right back with its story of the Everly brothers is spot on. Delicate vocals and top notch musicianship throughout, the show begins with simple beginnings and gradually builds colour, panache and intensity to end with a concert that will have followers dancing, singing, clapping and asking for more.

There’s no acting involved: the naked story of the brothers’ careers is told, plain and simple, by the pair singing Don and Phil – namely Lars Pluto (who has returned to the role) and Luke Wilson. Plenty of photos and footage serve as a backdrop to the simple set design as the story unfolds in brief bursts, chronicling the boys’ rise to fame, their string of magical hits by superb songwriters, their less-than-harmonious ten-year separation, and their eventual reunion. The main focus of the show, however, is the music, with masterful, energetic musicality from all sides.

There are actually six fine actors on the stage, the other four are by no means just used as backing. Wilson and Pluto obviously take center stage as Phil and Don most of the time, singing gorgeous duets despite having no real brotherly vocal chords, but the other four are just as exciting, charming and totally involved; It’s obvious at every moment how much fun they enjoy making and sharing good music. As well as his tremendous contribution, both instrumental and vocal, to all the divine Everly duets – Cathy’s clown, crying in the rain, All I have to do is dream, Wake up little Susie, bye honey and everyone else – impressing with solos and heralding change with tribute acts like Buddy Holly, Chet Atkins and Johnny Cash.

Handsome, lively, smiling Eduardo Neto is the current percussionist, bringing home plenty of neat tempo changes. He is also a master at creating percussion with a screwdriver on a Coca-Cola bottle as it was originally done Bring a message to Mary. Sean McAusland is just as entertaining on piano and keyboards on the big, yellow double bass, which Rick McKay mainly plucks, slaps and thumps in alternation with his bass guitar, while Tom Wright presents excellent instrumentals on the guitar.

The devoted fans were thrilled beyond measure, their spirits barely dampened even by the tragedy of ebony eyes, while Lars Pluto’s southern US accent proved so enticing to a Yorkshire girl that quick wit flew through the air in all sorts of unexpected directions. In short, it’s a good night.
Eileen Caiger Gray

The show is now touring extensively across the UK before taking off for Canada. To find venues and dates, follow this link.


Source link BACK RIGHT, DONCASTER CAST 26 May 2022

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