Baby death has been “hidden” for 20 years and terrible investigations have been found

The inevitable death of a baby girl has been concealed by NHS staff and organizations for over 20 years and a major investigation has been found-the facts to deny the truth of her parents are “totally ignored and replaced” A proposal has been created. “

In a disgusting report released today, Dr. Bill Kirkup, who led the investigation, said that the death of baby Elizabeth Dixon in December 2001 may have been avoided, concluding: .. He was hospitalized at the time, but had not been properly investigated since then, “he added,” concealment began on the day she died. ”

Baby Elizabeth injured her brain 15 days after her premature birth in December 2000 after doctors and nurses at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey failed to treat dangerous high blood pressure.

As a result, she remained severely injured and needed continuous care 24 hours a day. Almost a year later, she choked in the middle of the night and Joyce Abrime, an agency nurse who had no experience helping the baby breathe with a tracheostomy tube, was unable to keep the tube clean.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital, but in a very unusual case, she was taken home with Elizabeth’s body by Dr. Michael Tettnenbaum, a doctor in charge of treating Elizabeth. At that time, no autopsy or inquest was conducted.

The planned investigation collapsed in 2014 after NHS England CEO Simon Stevens removed NHS England from participation in the investigation. Health officials then refused to investigate the case that caused criticism of the regulatory gap for “historical cases.” Health Minister Jeremy Hunt at the time asked Elizabeth’s parents to investigate, saying they had “run the system for too long.”

Dr. Kirkup’s report found evidence that “some individuals were permanently dishonest, both by omission and consignment, and this extended to formal statements to police and regulators.”

Baby Elizabeth Dixon died in December 2001


The investigation report makes 12 recommendations, including 8 on how to manage and review safety accidents, and seeks referrals to the Independent Police Complaints Committee for inadequate police investigations.

Dr. Kirkup, the chair of the investigation, said: “Our findings raise very serious concerns about the behavior and credibility of senior individuals who would have been revealed when police investigated the case after Elizabeth’s death. Instead, their investigation. This should now be subject to legal referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. “

He added: “Elizabeth was a child, but the mistakes that affected her care at every stage are not unique. If she were alive, she would have been almost 20 years old, the same attitude that was apparent at the time. And actions may still be seen today.

“As a result of hiding important facts about her death from the beginning, her parents have been left unattended for too long without a complete and true explanation of what happened. It was an unnecessary and cruel burden for mothers and fathers who were already saddened to have lost their children.

“Very quickly and simply that cover-ups can be very influential and permanent has a significant impact on us all and on the reaction of public services when things go wrong. Gives. ”

He added: “Clinical errors that have been publicly disclosed, investigated and learned from them should not lead to criticism or criticism. Similarly, the conscious choice of concealment or dishonesty should not be tolerated.

“A complete response requires deep-seated changes in organizational and professional culture, as well as better awareness of clinical issues and response to safety issues.”

Baby death has been “hidden” for 20 years and terrible investigations have been found

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