BA suspends flight in Hong Kong as crew reportedly taken to quarantine camp

British Airways Paused flight to Hong Kong After the crew shows positive COVID-19In the report, crew members were quarantined for three weeks in a quarantine center built from shipping containers.

The city has one of the strictest quarantine policies in the world, and foreign arriving must be served at a government-designated hotel for up to 21 days.

The airline said members of the staff first tested negative before departure and then tested positive when they arrived in the area.

BA “While considering the operational requirements for this route, we made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend our flights to Hong Kong.

“We apologize to customers whose travel plans have been interrupted. We will contact you.”

The airline, which operates two daily flights from London to Hong Kong, has not disclosed when the suspension will be lifted.

NS South China Morning Post Most of the flight crew members who arrived in the SAR on Saturday reported that they were taken to the Penny’s Bay Quarantine Center as a result of a positive test.

According to the newspaper, the case was the second time a week that airline crew members were taken to quarantine after a clearly positive test result.

The first BA crew members who entered the quarantine were reportedly completely vaccinated and had previously tested negative for Covid-19.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Health Department said South China Morning Post The affected crew is now back in the UK.

Another crew member, who was forced to self-quarantine in Penny’s Bay for 21 days, complained of a prison-like condition.

A pilot with the handle “Fly With Eva” posted a photo of his room on Instagram with the following captions: All you have to do is update it.

“I was still overwhelmed by the situation, but I tried to give in to it. The only way to spend 21 days. I yelled at many friends and colleagues who stopped delivering. From spare mattresses, books, sporting goods, and Even things that don’t make the container feel like cells. “

Travel restrictions have recently become stricter as cases have been detected in several states and territories, including Hong Kong, and concerns about Omicron variants have been raised.

However, long before the latest variants began issuing alarms, the strict quarantine rules faced by the crew were in place.

Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong has also suffered a staff shortage related to Covid’s quarantine requirements, leading to flight cancellations.

BA suspends flight in Hong Kong as crew reportedly taken to quarantine camp

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