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Automakers and experts around the world are seeking help with NEV

Kaiguchi, September 17 (Xinhua)-Major global automakers and experts are seeking more intensive cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles (NEVs) to reach their carbon-neutral goals.

International participants will be ready to work with Chinese partners to combat climate change for a clean and beautiful world at the 3rd World New Energy Vehicle Conference (WNEVC), as China is the world’s largest automotive market. I said there is.

From September 15th to 17th, in Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province in southern China, a three-day event with the theme of “Comprehensive promotion of marketization, acceleration of cross-industry integration, and joint achievement of carbon neutrality” The event was held.

UK Trade Commission Jon Edwards said he would encourage more Chinese companies to seek opportunities to collaborate with the UK and help shape the battery and new energy vehicle market.

“Both China and the UK have detailed plans for zero-emission vehicles. Through exchanges and cooperation like this event, we have a successful environment to accelerate innovation and achieve our zero-emission vehicle goals. I’m confident that I can grow up, “said Edwards.

BMW has expressed its support for a green transition in China as a company that has been operating in the Chinese market for decades.

German automakers said they would work with Chinese companies to offer more zero-emission vehicles to the Chinese market and expand the scale of public charging stations. BMW is collaborating with a Chinese technology giant to help innovation startups, BMW development director Frank Weber said in a video speech.

ZF, a global automotive system supplier, has established nearly 50 manufacturing companies and 4 R & D centers in more than 20 cities in China.

Holger Klein, a member of the ZF Group’s board of directors, said the company will continue to strengthen its innovation and development capabilities, promote digital manufacturing for China’s NEV market, and contribute to China’s sustainable development and next-generation mobility. Said.

Hans Georg Engel, Senior Executive Vice President of Daimler Greater China Limited, has set up a research and development center in Beijing with more than 1,000 engineers, noting that China is the largest electric vehicle market. And more remarkable research ability to continue investing in China.

Specifically, Daimler will focus on research and development of electric vehicle and battery technologies, adding that it will offer customized products to meet the demands of Chinese consumers.

According to Liu Yunfeng, vice president of Volkswagen Group China, German automaker Volkswagen plans to build 17,000 high-power charging piles in China by 2025 and 32,000 by 2030. , States that it takes the efforts of every country in the world to achieve carbon neutrality.

Liu’s remarks were repeated by Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Environment Facility. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez encouraged intensive technical and market cooperation to support the development of the NEV industry in developing countries.

Automakers and experts around the world are seeking help with NEV

SourceAutomakers and experts around the world are seeking help with NEV

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