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Authorities Demand Deadly Stab Wounds in British Parliamentary Terrorist Acts | World News

Britain’s Leon Sea — A longtime lawmaker was stabbed to death on Friday during a meeting with members of the Anglican Church, police said it was a terrorist attack. A 25-year-old man was arrested in connection with an attack that united British politicians in shock and sadness.

Counterterrorism officers led an investigation into the murder of Conservative lawmaker David Amess. In a statement early Saturday, the Metropolitan Police Department described the attack as terrorism, saying early investigations “revealed potential motivations associated with Islamic extremists.”

Around noon on Friday, Ames, 69, was attacked at a Methodist church in the town of Leonsee, about 40 miles east of London. The rescuer tried to save him, but failed. Police arrested the suspect and recovered the knife.

They did not identify the suspects detained on murder charges. Police believed the suspect had acted alone and said the investigation was underway, but did not look for anyone else in connection with the killing.

The killing occurs five years after another member, Jo Cox, was killed by a far-right militant in her small town while a politician was working to represent voters. New concerns about risk. British politicians generally do not receive police protection when meeting with members.

Ames received compliments from the entire political spectrum and from the community he has served for decades. Residents paid tribute to him at a rally at Leonsee Church.

“He had that wonderful East London spirit of being able to talk to people and the level they are in without fear,” Rev. Jeffrey Woolnow said in a vigilance attended by about 80 people. .. “I don’t think every politician is doing it well.”

Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he and his cabinet were “seriously shocked and impressed.”

“David was a man who passionately believed in the country and its future. Today we have lost a good civil servant and a very beloved friend and colleague,” Johnson said.

“You really have to leave the police to continue the investigation,” he said, pointing out whether the attack meant that politicians needed strict security.

Ames has been a member of the Southend West Parliament, including Leonsey, since 1997, a member of the House of Commons since 1983, and one of the longest-serving politicians in the House of Commons.

A social conservative on the right side of his party, he is a reputed and popular person who worked hard for his members and constantly campaigned to get the South End to declare the city. was.

Ames, who left his wife and five children, became a knight of Queen Elizabeth II in 2015 and became Sir David.

Parliamentary flags were lowered to half-mast, with frequent questions about the safety of parliamentarians.

Lindsay Hoyle, Chairman of the House of Commons, said: “In the next few days, we need to discuss and consider MP security and what to do, but for now, our thoughts and prayers are with David’s family, friends and colleagues.”

Violence against British politicians is rare, but there is growing concern about the increasingly serious polarization of national politics.

In 2016, a week before the country’s split Brexit referendum, Labor lawmaker Cox was fatally stabbed and shot dead in northern England. In recent years, several have been imprisoned for threatening lawmakers.

British lawmakers were protected by armed police while in parliament, where security was strengthened after an attacker inspired by an Islamic state group stabbed a police officer at a gate in 2017. Paddy field.

But politicians do not have such protection against their members. Ames has published the time and place of his public meeting with members on his website.

Two other British lawmakers have been attacked in the last two decades during “surgery,” a regular meeting where members can raise concerns and complaints.

Labor lawmaker Stephen Timms was stabbed in 2010 by a student who radicalized with an online sermon from an al-Qaeda-linked preacher.

In 2000, Liberal Party Nigel Jones and his aide Andrew Pennington were attacked by a sword-wielding man during such a meeting. Pennington was killed and Jones was injured in an attack in Cheltenham, England.

Former Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May tweeted that the killing of Ames was “a tragic day for our democracy,” and former Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair was “shocked and frightened.” Said.

Scottish National Party Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Twitter:

Jo Cox’s sister and current MP, Kim Redbeater, said the Ames family had “terrifying” what she had experienced.

“They think about this every day for the rest of their lives,” she said.

“I now realize that I am working as a politician and trying to do good for the people. It is very important to bring the good people to the public, but this Is what we all do. Many lawmakers are afraid of risk.

The outlaw was reported from London. PanPylas also contributed to this report.

Authorities Demand Deadly Stab Wounds in British Parliamentary Terrorist Acts | World News

Source link Authorities Demand Deadly Stab Wounds in British Parliamentary Terrorist Acts | World News

Authorities Demand Deadly Stab Wounds in British Parliamentary Terrorist Acts | World News

SourceAuthorities Demand Deadly Stab Wounds in British Parliamentary Terrorist Acts | World News

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