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Australian News Live: New South Wales Prime Minister urges people to stay away from floods as rain continues | Australian Weather

Dominic Perrottet warns of flood risk across NSW

Perrottet said there are currently 63 flood warnings statewide.

The best we can do as a state and as people is to continue to follow these directives. Just be careful on the road, don’t drive through flood waters, and just be aware of the difficult situation in front of you. As I said before, past experience should not guide your current situation.

We have rivers and dams that are at full capacity, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy rain to flash flood across the state. But all volunteer organizations are having a very difficult weekend for the people here. in New South Wales.

Finally, again, if you’re flooded, forget it. Do not drive through flood waters. Don’t risk your life, don’t risk your family, don’t risk your volunteers.

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Here are the highlights from Saturday, October 8th:

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

And the rainfall “winner” is…

thought it was worth digging into Precipitation data from the Bureau of Meteorology See which weather station came out on top from 9am to 5pm in New South Wales. And the winner is (drumroll please):

mangrove mountain in the hunter 37.8mmfollowed by trancey in the midwest 33.8mm When Burke in western NSW 33.6mm (Does not include weather stations that have not been updated recently).

Hawkesbury River in Windsor on Friday. Photo: Jane Dempster/AAP

Regarding the shooting in Brisbane, an AAP official updated:

Police at the scene of a deadly shooting in Brisbane.
Police at the scene of a deadly shooting in Brisbane. Photo: Darren England/AAP

This isn’t exactly Australian news, but the photos in this article are worth a look.

new zealand whale beach

About 250 pilot whales have reportedly landed on Chatham Island.

The mass stranding on an island east of New Zealand comes less than a month after a similar incident involving more than 200 whales in Tasmania.

reported NZ Conservation has been informed of previous strandings in the area.

Andrew Hasty Speaks to Andrew Thorburn

Allied MP Andrew Hastycaught in a scrap about Christianity before he entered parliament, Andrew Thorburn Saga.

The shadow defense minister vehemently defended the exiled Essendon football club chief, apparently comparing Thorburn to “many Christians”. [who] Rather than submit to the will of the tyrant, he died. “

An email starting with the line “I love Australia” was sent last night to members of his MP mailing list. Hasty said:

I have always believed that this country is large and strong enough to be home to people of all races, creeds and religions.

Our strength comes from diversity.

Whether you are a Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, secular, or Christian, we respect your freedom to live according to your conscience and beliefs.

He went on to say:

I stand by Andrew Thorburn for his premature departure from Essendon.

In doing so, I affirm Christianity’s oldest historical creed, the Apostles’ Creed.

In recent days, many critics, especially the media, have challenged Christians like Thorburn to align their beliefs with contemporary ideologies.

The Apostles’ Creed, however, is a statement of beliefs that have been handed down to us for thousands of years, uniting Christians of all nations and denominations.

Many Christians died disobeying the will of the tyrant.

You can read an excellent feature article on Thorburn and Essendon here.

‘Watch the Road’: Perotette on those attending the Bathurst 1000

To conclude the press conference, Perrotet about the thousands of people attending the Bathurst 1000 car race:

My main message is to be careful on the road. There will be many people in Bathurst tomorrow, and many will leave at the same time. It’s not just heavy rain.

To those who are directly across from Bathurst and State, watch out for the roads. Taking care of each other, that’s the Australian way. This is why we have survived past natural disasters.

Driving in a Flood: “You Don’t Know”

Regarding flood relief, York said:

Some people think they can drive their car through flooded roads, but this is a very risky decision. This is because we do not know the condition of the roads, the extent of damage under the water, and the depth of the water. teeth.

A heavy rain in just a limited area can cause them to become stranded between areas and require rescue.

Flood relief can be medical assistance for emergency workers to help the community.

Important if blocked. There are many towns that have been cut off, but the isolated farms stockpile as much food as possible. So you can withstand the pressure of emergency services to resupply and stay safe even when your site is well-equipped on elevated ground. Same with medicine. It is important that the community prepares.

6 flood rescues in 24 hours

NSW SES Commissioner, Carlene Yorksaid the service had received more than 330 calls for assistance in the past 24 hours and had to perform six flood reliefs.

Rainfall mitigation

Manager of the New South Wales Bureau of Meteorology Meteorological Service, Jane Golding“The good news is that this system is moving really fast,” she said, and expects rainfall to abate around midnight.

Steph CookThe Minister for Emergency Services said SES’ main areas of interest include Wagga Wagga, Forbes, Warren, Gunnedah and Bathurst.

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2022/oct/08/australia-news-live-new-south-wales-sydney-wild-weather-flooding-landslides-rain-melbourne-victoria-covid-health-economy-stage-3-tax-cuts Australian News Live: New South Wales Prime Minister urges people to stay away from floods as rain continues | Australian Weather

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