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Australian News Live: Child missing after car washed away in floods. Excitement builds for AFL Grand Final | Australian news

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Kieran Pender

second to last day UCI Road Cycling World Championship Junior women’s road race in progress in Wollongong. Elite women deploy from Helensburgh, just south of Helensburgh. sydney12:25pm and the race is expected to finish by 5pm.

Australia’s Grace Brown was one of the favorites to win the silver medal in last Sunday’s time trial, surrounded by a strong team that includes Amanda Spratt and Alexandra Manley.

The Dutch are longtime favorites, but one of their lead riders, Annemiek van Vleuten, will be racing with a broken elbow after crashing over the weekend.

Off-road is in dispute with the UCI, the international governing body. Following critical press coverage of UCI activities, an Australian journalist has been accused of undermining press freedom by refusing press accreditation to cover the championship.

The UCI president is scheduled to attend a press conference later this morning and will no doubt be asked questions about the concerning story Guardian Australia reported today.

Delta Goodrem and Robbie Williams perform in AFL Grand Final

with AFL Grand Final There is a constant debate over who will do the pre-match entertainment, and it’s a big deal for fans of early 2000s nostalgia.

Delta Goodrem and Robbie Williams A throwback to the good times of the early 2000s (and perhaps reminiscent of the flag-smashing swan drought of 2005?) is set to open this year’s Grand Finals.

This, of course, came just two weeks after Goodrem played the national anthem at Brisbane v. melbourne semifinal:

NSW SES concerned about massive flooding in Gunnedah

of NSW SES has released operational statistics overnight that have responded to 745 requests for help since last Wednesday.

It also carried out 56 flood rescues during that time.

Overnight, SES responded to 144 rescue calls and performed 5 flood rescues.

In a statement, SES said they were still concerned Gunnedah:

Gunnedah is expected to reach major flooding later this morning. Flood levels should be close to or above the levels reached last week. Residents are knocked on their doors and over 1,000 sandbags are ready to be issued.

Six rivers along Macquarie, Lachlan, Bogan, Gwyldir, Namoy and Kroga continue to be heavily flooded, and there continue to be many areas of operations across NSW. Some coastal river catchments in the Northern River, Mid-North Coast, and Hunter Districts may experience light to moderate flooding, but the main risk is flash flooding in these areas.

Tory Shepard

Penny Wong speaking at the United Nations General Assembly

Australia’s climate change policy, diverse parliament, working with First Nations people and engagement in the Asia-Pacific region are among the reasons why Australia should be elected to the UN Security Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs. penny won He spoke at the United Nations General Assembly late last night.

Mr Wong said:

I am honored to speak on behalf of a nation with over 300 diverse ancestry and the oldest continuous culture on earth. Like this hall, Australia is a collection of people from all over the world.

When Australians look to the world, they find themselves reflected. Similarly, the world can be seen reflected in Australia.

senator Patrick Dodsonthe Yaul men were with Wong in New York as Australia’s envoy for reconciliation and heartfelt implementation of the Uluru Statement.

According to Wong, there are a record number of First Nation parliamentarians, and other parliamentarians come from “all over the world.” she said:

  • Australians want “urgent and serious action” on climate change and want Australia to legislate emissions reduction targets and become a “renewable energy superpower”.

  • Australians are ‘part of the Pacific family’ and climate change is their ‘greatest threat’.

  • Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat underscores the ‘urgency of advancing nuclear disarmament’, and Australia will redouble its efforts to strengthen its disarmament and non-proliferation regimes.

  • The government is embarking on a new development policy, increasing development spending by more than $1 billion.

Wong said a conflict in the Indo-Pacific would be “devastating” and all nations should ask themselves what they can do to prevent it.

How do we relinquish our responsibility to contain tensions, to put the brakes on the unstoppable momentum of conflict in this region and beyond? In all other diplomacy, we are determined to carry out these duties.

That is why we seek seats on the UN Security Council for 2029-2030.

That is why we call for Security Council reform with more permanent representation of Africa, Latin America, and Asia, including India and Japan.

We know that we will always be better off in a world where the rules and norms of trade, maritime territories, military engagement, environment and human rights are clear, mutually negotiated and consistently followed.

History tells us that the alternative to what we have built here is conflict and chaos.

Australia is a non-permanent member of the Council, which can authorize the deployment of troops by United Nations member states, order ceasefires and impose economic sanctions on countries, and has participated on the past five occasions.

good morning

good morning, Mostafa Lahuwani With you on what already looks like a great grand finale.

we start with melbournethe great Sydney Swans will take on Geelong with the first bounce at 2:30pm to determine the winner of the 2022 Premiership.

We’ll also send you updates and links to live blogs. Expect great feedback and intense debate. I’m in favor of the Swans, but I think it’s going to be an intense afternoon regardless of who wins.

Elsewhere, New South Wales Police confirmed that a 5-year-old was missing after two cars were swept away by floods in the Midwest. New South WalesThere are now 19 flood warnings in place across the state after last night’s heavy rains.

The Naomi River passed a major flood mark last night and is now rising at 8.21 meters, with Gunnedah in the northeastern state being the most concerned.

We’ll keep you up to date on that and everything else happening across the country.

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2022/sep/24/australia-news-live-weather-floods-nsw-queensland-child-missing-grand-final-sydney-melbourne Australian News Live: Child missing after car washed away in floods. Excitement builds for AFL Grand Final | Australian news

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