Ashley Graham gives birth to twins at home

The baby is here!Ashley Graham gives birth to twins at home in the 40th week, proudly revealing that her newborn boy is “happy and healthy”

Ashley Graham gave birth to her twin boys.

A 34-year-old model revealed that she gave birth on Friday morning and that the newborn was “happy and healthy.”

Just a few hours ago, she shared a bumpy with her fans on social media and marveled at the baby’s “long stay” after reaching 40 weeks of gestation.

Ashley did not reveal the name of her new son and told fans that she would now “heal” and spend time with her family.

Baby Joy: Ashley Graham, who shared this bump on Thursday, gave birth to twin boys on Friday morning, 40 weeks after pregnancy.

Star and her husband Justin Irvine already have a son, Isaac, who was born on January 18, 2020.

The cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue announced pregnancy in July and revealed that it expects twin boys in September.

Before she became pregnant again, Ashley was outspoken in the media about how enthusiastic she was in expanding her family.

She revealed in WSJ Magazine Earlier this year, she interviewed her for another baby and hurried, “I’ll be pregnant yesterday if possible.”

Ashley joked: “I had” accidentally “unprotected sex while ovulating just to see if I could do it while breastfeeding. “

Graham met the filmmaker’s husband while volunteering at a church in 2009.

The two were engaged by June 2010 and married in August of the same year.


Ashley Graham gives birth to twins at home

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