Ashley Cain shed tears after riding a 1,040 mile bike for the Azilia Foundation

Ashley Cain Weeping after riding a spectacular 1,040-mile bike from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland to raise money for the Azilia Foundation.

His 30-year-old partner, Safiyya Vorajee, 33, has a daughter. Azilia died tragically earlier this year, just eight months after birth.

In honor of her and to save the lives of thousands of children, the couple founded the Azilia Foundation, which was launched on August 31st.

To kick start the charity, Ashley and his brother Matty began riding a harsh bike to “raise the awareness and funding of all the wonderful children fighting childhood cancer.”

Ashley Cain has completed a 1,040 mile bike ride in honor of his daughter

Ashley Cain shared catastrophic news that her daughter's leukemia had recurred
Ashley and his partner Safiya’s daughter Azilia died this year

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After days of biking, the brothers finally reached the finish line on Tuesday, September 14th at the John O’Groats signpost.

Ashley saw the Instagram story, celebrated a wonderful moment with 1.8 million followers, and with tears, “John O’Groats, we’ve done it. Over a thousand miles, incredible.” Said.

Ex On The Beach star promised an update on Wednesday, explaining that he was sitting and enjoying whiskey. I helped on the way. “

Ashley said "We made it a baby!" When he crosses the finish line
Ashley said, “Yeah, baby!”When he crosses the finish line

Yelling into the sky, he added, “Yeah, baby! I did it! Let’s go to the champion!”

He later re-shared the clip from his foundation. It showed himself pushing his bike over the hilltop end point where tears could be seen again as his closest and loved one cheered him on.

Ashley, A person who gave a moving speech on his daughter’s first birthday, Earlier, I talked about how my daughter was brought home three times by a doctor before she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

At the end of the trip, Ashley couldn't hold back her tears
At the end of the trip, Ashley couldn’t hold back her tears

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Reality stars remembered that they had to see their baby daughter being treated with adult medication and wanted to fund alternative treatment research for their children. ..

He told The Sun: “I was told that my daughter’s diapers cannot be changed without gloves because chemotherapeutic agents can be found in urine and waste products.

“If I can’t let me touch that diluted version, how can an 8-week-old baby send it through her veins into her body and into her organs? Absolutely crazy. “

Ashley Cain helps baby daughter Azilia open her eyes while spending hours treating her with a cold compress
Ashley claimed he and Safiya weren’t taking any of the £ 1.5m they raised

The couple also wants to raise £ 1.5 million for their daughter to financially support families undergoing the treatment process.

Ashley explains: “We want to be able to provide support to these children and their families. We know that others are not as networked as we are. These children are financially supportive. Needs.

“We personally don’t take this money. Instead, we use it to help others and their children.”

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Ashley Cain shed tears after riding a 1,040 mile bike for the Azilia Foundation

Source link Ashley Cain shed tears after riding a 1,040 mile bike for the Azilia Foundation

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