Ashley Cain says “I’m trying to make a place in heaven” to be with my deceased daughter

Ashley Cain And his girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee talked about how they are dealing after the tragic death of baby girl Azaylia this year.

At the age of 30, and his partner, 33, the daughter remained traumatized. Died just 8 months after birth After fighting a rare form of leukemia.

Now they are open to spending their first Christmas without a little girl, and the charity they founded, the Azilia Foundation, explains how to cultivate the holiday season.

“We didn’t want to waste a second because we wanted to keep our daughter’s name alive and help other children,” Ashley explained. SunHe added that their daughter wants them to be proud.

Ashley Cain said he was trying to “acquire” his place in heaven to be with his daughter

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Charity was able to concentrate, lamenting that the couple had lost their child, and Safiya even said that was the reason she got out of bed in the morning.

“I could sit at home and hide under the duvet and feel like chains and bricks tied to my arms and legs,” she said. “But this foundation woke me up this morning. It dressed me. I have no daughter on this planet, so I see her foundation as a way to raise her.

“She is my hero and I will use the power she has given me.”

Safiya hugged her baby daughter Azilia and took a picture
Saffiya Vorajee said the Azaylia Foundation is helping her get up in the morning

Meanwhile, Ashley said he believes that the good work he does in charity and his selfless abilities can “acquire” him into a place of heaven and reunite with Azailia.

The mourning father said he had a panic attack when he thought about the possibility of dying, but since his daughter died, “enough to secure a place to be with her while I am here. I’m not doing that. In heaven. “

Recently Ashley He suffered another loss when he buried his grandmother next to Azailia. He added, “If I’m not a good person, I’ll never be with her again.

Ashley Cain shared a tragic clip to commemorate the three months since Azairia's death.
Ashley said his “power now lies in selflessness.”

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“When I’m on the bed of death, I want to be happy about where I’m heading, so my power now is to be selfless.”

Ashley went on to share that it wasn’t “possible” for a large family to get together and be happy during Christmas, but reassured her daughter was “watching him.”

“Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Our Birthday, Azilia’s Birthday, Easter, Halloween, Christmas. These are all things we have to do without her and the opportunity to be happy I am full of sadness now. “

Ashley revealed that over time he finds it more difficult.
Ashley said his daughter was “looking down at us” during Christmas

“But knowing she’s watching over us means we can have a beautiful Christmas day, not just sad and emotional,” he adds. I did.

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Ashley Cain says "I'm trying to make a place in heaven" to be with my deceased daughter

Source link Ashley Cain says "I'm trying to make a place in heaven" to be with my deceased daughter

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