Ashley Cain hits a troll for a “personal attack” and details Azailia’s “pain”

Ashley Cain After the death of his daughter Azailia, he “judged” him for trying to strengthen him and then counterattacked the troll.

30 years old and his partner Safiyya (33 years old) have a daughter Died just 8 months after birth After fighting a rare form of leukemia.

Now the sad father used his Instagram feed to protect himself and share some photos from his recent night out before sharing his mental health issues.

Ashley enjoyed the night on Saturday, January 22nd with his brother Matty at the latest Strictly Come Dancing Tour Show.

Ashley Cain counterattacked the troll after being “judged” after going out at night

On the eve of a big day, Ashley shared with his fans how difficult he would be without her.
Ashley and her partner Safiya lost their daughter in April 2021

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In his post, the Ex On The Beach star said: Ever since my daughter died in my arms, I just wanted to replace my daily suicidal ideation with a happy few hours of attempt and have fun one night. “

Ashley recently said He will “relive the worst years many times” to spend time with his daughterHe goes on to say, for Azailia’s mother, Safiya Volazy, his family and friends, and his 1.8 million Instagram followers who may be struggling on their own, he is strong for himself. I explained that I was trying to continue to be.

“But I feel that the stronger I am, the more people will judge, the more people will attack, and the more people will try to beat me,” he said.

Explaining the kind of hatred he received, he continued. “I couldn’t believe what the trolling, harassing and bribe people were trying to do to me on a daily basis, and everyone near me.

Ashley said he was harassed, harassed and personally attacked
Ashley said he was harassed, harassed and personally attacked

“Sometimes I feel that the only way these people who don’t know me stop is to commit suicide.”

He continued: “They don’t understand the pain I’m experiencing and the impact their actions have on everyone around me. I’m a person of the past and trying to be better. As I write this, I’m calm, I’m not afraid of death, and my path doesn’t change because of hatred.

“But people want to go to all lengths of suffering and hatred, speculation and lie variations, smile, get better, keep their daughter’s name alive, and hurt the credibility of those who are trying to make a difference. It hurts to think. Childhood cancer, mental health, and the warriors fighting it.

Emily Andrea praises Ashley Cain and Safiya Volazy for
Ashley said people didn’t understand the “pain” he was experiencing

“Maybe someday people will understand, maybe they won’t. Maybe it’s too late by the time they understand.”

He added: It is better to do it. “

Ashley’s partner, Safiya, immediately commented:

Ashley Cain's girlfriend Safiya sings to Azailia, the baby's daughter who died in the grave
Ashley’s partner Safiya showed her support

“Stand proud and strong and be yourself! By the way, the costumes [fire], ”Is followed by an applause emoji and an orange heart emoji.

Ashley’s post also encountered an influx of support from celebrity friends, as Giovanni Fletcher wrote. Of Our Energy-You have great energy that you are doing very well. Thanks to you, so much love is swirling! xx “, orange heart emoji.

“You always have someone who loves your brother. Let’s catch up soon,” said Pete Wicks with a red heart emoji, and Georgia Harrison said, “I love you. They are idiots xxx. I added.

If you are affected by this story, call the Samaritan at 116 123 or visit the following website: www.samaritans.org..

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Ashley Cain hits a troll for a "personal attack" and details Azailia's "pain"

Source link Ashley Cain hits a troll for a "personal attack" and details Azailia's "pain"

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