Asana aims to be a company with new workflow features

Asana, the work management platform for today’s team Presentation Enterprise Work Graph is a set of features designed to make your enterprise workflow clearer and more flexible. The new features aim to align teams to goals, coordinate workflows between teams and time zones, and give you real-time visibility into where your work is.

Alongside the new work graph data model Asana Introduces enterprise-class security and control to the platform.

Alex Hood, Asana’s Chief Product Officer, spends countless hours on unproductive tasks such as searching for information, switching apps, and holding status meetings for companies of all sizes and industries. I explained that. Calling this “work-related work,” Hood noted that as the company grows, so does work-related work, and organizations with more than 5,000 employees lose 63% of their time each week. ..

According to a survey conducted by Asana, knowledge workers switch an average of 10 tools 25 times a day. For the C suite, that number grows to an average of 40 tools about 30 times a day.

“With the pandemic, CIOs realized that they needed to invest in collaboration and security. These are two major spending priorities for large companies because they relate to the technology stack, and we To that end, we needed to create adaptable enterprise products for the larger customers we were trying to adapt to, ”says Hood.

Wayne Kurtzman, an analyst at IDC, said the new features that Asana offers are focused on businesses, but small businesses can benefit from many of the same features.

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Asana aims to be a company with new workflow features

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