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As the paratroopers wiped out the IRA killer’s murder, the MP once again told him to “stop witch hunting.”UK | News

Johnny Mercer discusses support for veterans at BBC breakfast

Two men in their 70s, who served in Northern Ireland in the midst of trouble, walked free from court after five years of hell. Admiral West (left), a former Royal Navy chief, said: “Now we need to draw a line below it.” Two senior NI veterans suffered from stroke were charged with shooting and killing Ireland’s most desired terrorist Joe McCann in Belfast in 1972. I was charged.

After his death, the official IRA stated that he had killed 15 British soldiers.

Judge O’Hara ruled on Friday that the statements made by soldiers A and C at the time were unacceptable as evidence.

The prosecution yesterday decided not to appeal his decision, leading to the acquittal of an elderly pair in their 70s who could not be named for safety.

The ruling was welcomed as legitimate, but there was strong anger in the decision to pursue the two veterans to a criminal trial.

Admiral West added: “In Northern Ireland, terrorists who have committed terrible atrocities do not appear to be tracked, but older military personnel who were doing their best to fulfill their obligations have been re-examined many times.

Supporters of soldiers A and C celebrate the news (Image: Mark Marlow / PA Wire)

“These events are so old that they no longer make sense.

“The government promised to do something about this in its manifesto. They aren’t doing anything about overseas operations, but they aren’t doing anything about Northern Ireland.

“These men are under terrible pressure and that’s not the way to continue. We have to do something about it.”

Legal experts also blamed the proceedings.

Hilary Meredith, Chairman of Hilary Meredith Solicitors, said:

“The government should bow shyly. Where are the laws to protect veterans who served in Northern Ireland? This witch hunt needs to be stopped now.”

Philip Baden, a senior partner of Devonshires on behalf of soldiers A and C, requested an independent investigation to investigate whether the indictment decision was “political.”

IRA Joe McCann

IRA Joe McCann was shot dead in Belfast in 1972 (Image: McCann family handout)

Baden said: “The stress of these proceedings against soldiers and their families cannot be underestimated.

“For the past five years, soldiers have faced real and imminent risks to their lives and have fought hard to maintain anonymity because they face physical security from terrorists.

“I seek an investigation by a senior judge to investigate the decision-making process and confirm that the decision to prosecute these veterans is not political.”

The trial is believed to have cost taxpayers about £ 1 million and put immeasurable stress on the two old soldiers.

The Northern Ireland Prosecutor’s Office has suggested that the collapse of the case could affect the trials of other veterans over the so-called “legacy” killings of trouble. Prosecutors are now to investigate evidence of seven other cases involving Northern Ireland veterans after the collapse of Joe McCann’s murder trial. In four cases, prosecution decisions have already been made.

In the other three cases, the decision is still pending.

Joe McCann with a rifle

This photo is alleged to show Joe McCann having a rifle (Image: NC)

The Daily Express Veterans Betrayal Campaign demands justice from NI military personnel.

Former soldier Johnny Mercer MP, who was dismissed as Defense Minister last month for failing to protect NI veterans, said: However, the government made a very clear promise, and the Prime Minister made a very clear promise about the law to end the relentless pursuit of those who served his country at NI. It’s time to make it happen. “

Mercer is expected to lead a veterans rally outside Congress on Saturday.

Boris Johnson is currently facing pressure to respect the manifest’s pledge to protect service personnel and veterans from “troublesome” prosecution.

Johnny Mercer

Johnny Mercer was fired last month after complaining of failing to protect NI veterans (Image: Liam McBurney / PA Wire)

The new Foreign Business Act sets a five-year deadline for prosecution unless there is new and compelling evidence, but it does not apply to Northern Ireland.

McCann’s family now seeks investigation into his murder, where soldiers A and C may be forced to submit evidence.

McCann was shot after resisting arrest by a plainclothes police officer. He was not armed at the time.

His daughter Aine said:

“Not only in this case, but for many other families, criminal justice has failed.”

A Defense Ministry spokesman said:

“Soldiers A and C have been on independent legal agents funded by the mod. The Secretary of Defense will provide legal and welfare assistance to all who are involved in this process. Guaranteed. “

As the paratroopers wiped out the IRA killer’s murder, the MP once again told him to “stop witch hunting.”UK | News

Source As the paratroopers wiped out the IRA killer’s murder, the MP once again told him to “stop witch hunting.”UK | News

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