As sirens blare across Ukraine, Putin unleashes a new barrage of missiles that hit a school and kill one at a car dealership

Hartless President Vladimir Putin unleashes another missile strike that hits a school and kills one at a Ukrainian car dealership.

Residential buildings and medical facilities were also attacked in Zaporizhia as nine explosions were heard in one night.


Putin’s rockets rained down on Zaporizhia car dealership overnightCredits: Unknown, Cleared by Picture Desk
At least one dead after heartless missile strike this morning


At least one dead after heartless missile strike this morningCredits: Unknown, Cleared by Picture Desk


Paramedics evacuated from the houseCredits: Unknown, Cleared by Picture Desk

Explosions were also heard in the port cities of Odessa and Vinnitsa on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast, though it is not yet clear whether there were any casualties.

And a Russian missile was shot down by a fighter jet over Kyiv.

Because raid sirens were activated in all regions of Ukraine.

National emergency services have urged residents to stay indoors.

New missile attacks include:

  • death toll in russia The devastating October 10th Blitzkrieg Went up to 19.
  • Russia is believed to be running out of weapons and is facing a “staggering” number of casualties, according to the head of Britain’s GCHQ spy agency.
  • Panicked Moscow officials are reportedly planning to evacuate families of occupying forces in Crimea. Ukraine’s daring bridge raids.
  • After the announcement of a joint task force with the Belarusian puppet regime, there are fears that Putin will launch a new ground attack to capture Kyiv.

“Warning. During the daytime, there is a high probability of missile attacks on Ukrainian territory. Please stay in your shelter for safety and do not ignore air raid signals,” it said on the Telegram messaging app.

They also said 19 people were killed and 105 injured. missile attack on monday.

Grief footage of the disaster in the city of Zaporizhia shows firefighters rushing to evacuate people from blown homes.

Meanwhile, firefighters were seen fighting a massive hell at a Skoda dealership, leaving one dead.

Footage shows metal plates strewn on the ground and dismembered corpses believed to be civilian bodies.

Another image shows an apartment complex with blown out windows

Anatoly Kultev, a senior member of the Zaporizhia city council, has accused Russia of the “terrorist” attacks.

He wrote on Telegram:

‘Russia is a terrorist state’

It came after the city was attacked on Monday, and is believed to be the next reprisal attack. Huge blast that destroyed the Kerch Bridge Saturday.

At least 20 homes were destroyed in the strike and about 50 stories were damaged, according to local authorities.

The Ukrainian military also confirmed the attack, saying dozens were killed and wounded.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky branded the hit as “absolutely evil”.

He said on Telegram:

“In a Midnight Residential Area”

He added that 49 people, including six children, are in hospital.

He continued: “Absolute spite. Absolute evil. Barbarian and terrorist.

“From the one who gave this order to all who carried out this order. They will be held accountable. Indeed. Before the law, before the people.”

Terrified residents looked behind police tape as paramedics tried to reach the upper floors of the building, which collapsed in the attack, leaving a smoldering crevice at least 40 feet wide where the apartment stood. .

Mucola Markovich, a 76-year-old resident, said he and his wife hid under blankets when they heard rockets and booms coming in from the blast.

He said: “There was one explosion, then another, and in no time the fourth floor apartment was gone.

“I don’t know when it will be rebuilt,” he said. “I will be left without an apartment at the end of my life.”

Dramatic footage shows rescue workers rescuing a woman from the rubble of a collapsed building.

Russian missiles also rained down on Kyiv, At least 8 and injured 24.

1 rocket landed nearby President Zelenskyoffice while the BBC reports that the missiles hit more centers than Russian attacks earlier in the war.

Shocking live-action footage shows missiles screaming across the sky and crashing into buildings. Kremlin.

Russia yesterday launched 84 cruise missiles and 24 drones across Ukraine, at least half of which were shot down by air defense systems.


Rescuers carry civilians out of buildings attacked in Monday’s strikeCredit: A.P.


The apparent revenge strike happened overnightCredit: Reuters

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