As BA.2 Reports, Biden Administration Officials Call on Congress to Pass Covid-19 Funding

BA.2, which is more contagious than the Omicron BA.1 variant that hit the US this winter, but not more severe, has yet to cause a new increase in cases in the US. There are cases of Covid-19 There is still a downward trend In the country, as well as death and hospitalization.

But an increase in the number of cases, hospitalization and virus levels in wastewater has been observed in parts of New York and New England, regions where BA. 2 is already dominant, CDC director Rochelle Valensky said at a news conference on Wednesday.

“The virus is not waiting for Congress to act,” said Jeff Zient, White House White House Coroner Coordinator. “Every minute that demand for funding stops, we lose our ability to protect people and be prepared.”

The White House said it was running out of money it needed to test, purchase treatment, vaccine and keep track of the virus after Congress failed to approve its $ 22.5 billion request to continue the fight against Covid-19 earlier this month. Congress planned to introduce $ 15.6 billion in this request In OmnibusBut this too was cut short before the bill was passed because of how it was to be paid for.

The Biden administration is watching Approval of the second amplifier Several adults are shot for several weeks to improve the immunity of older Americans if infections increase due to the BA.2 subtype.

“We have enough inventory of vaccines to support a possible fourth dose this spring,” Zint said. “However, if science shows that fourth doses are needed for the general population by the end of this year, we will not have the necessary supplies to ensure the availability of injections … besides, if anything changes and if there will be a need for this new vaccine. “A new formulation, such as a very specific vaccine, we will not be able to provide doses to the American people and we can not be sure that America will be there for them in the first place.”

It was the Biden administration Looks with concern at growing cases in Europe As he tries to move out of the pandemic. In the last two years, the US has experienced Covid-19 waves in Europe a few weeks after its launch. Infections are on the rise in 18 of the 53 European countries, said the head of WHO Europe Said on TuesdayThe peak is partly blamed on many countries that have very suddenly lifted restrictions.

In the United States, too, restrictions have been drastically reduced in accordance with CDC guidelines Almost the whole country Can safely remove masks indoors. Concerts are packed, workers return to their offices, and schools open masks, despite relatively low levels of vaccination in children and adults eligible for vaccination.

“You can look at it as a half-full glass,” said Anand Parekh, chief medical officer at the Center for Bipartisan Policy in Washington. “Since BA.1, more Americans have been vaccinated. Many have natural immunity. The weather is improving and we are not in every house. “

“Vaccinations on the half-empty side of the glass are very slow. Immunity diminishes and everyone is out and about as if there is no more pandemic. ”

This report was contributed by Alice Miranda Olstein.

As BA.2 Reports, Biden Administration Officials Call on Congress to Pass Covid-19 Funding

Source link As BA.2 Reports, Biden Administration Officials Call on Congress to Pass Covid-19 Funding

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