Artificial Intelligence in the Online Gambling World: Interesting Facts

The impact of artificial intelligence is being felt across a wide range of sectors. These include banking where AI is used to predict if a customer will repay a loan, education where voice assistants help students get feedback from course material in the instructor’s absence, and law for litigation prediction.

The gambling industry isn’t left out. Modern betting websites like the Tusk Casino use chatbots and random number generators (RNG) to give customers the best experience and automate game outcomes.

Care to find out other interesting facts about AI and its use case in online casinos? Then read to the end!

1.   AI Helps to Predict User Preferences

Customer service has greatly improved since the infusion of AI in the gambling industry.

You may be wondering how AI helps improve customer service. The answer is simple. The online casino website has machine learning-enabled AI incorporated in their design, which monitors players’ activities.

The machine further analyzes the pool of information collected to better understand players’ habits and recommend offers accordingly.

Thanks to this innovation, online casinos can provide better customer service and offer more personalized solutions in the quickest possible time.

2.   It Helps to Curb Gambling Addiction

 Another interesting fact about AI is that it can tell if a gambler is addicted or not.

The ability to detect problem gamblers early has proven useful to both the casino and the addicted gambler. As we all know, problem gambling can ruin a person’s finances and personal life. This is why awareness is being raised to curb the habit.

As part of the gambling commission’s effort to mitigate gambling addiction, most online casinos are mandated to have self-exclusion support, enabling players to voluntarily block themselves from accessing the casino if they risk of possible addiction.

However, not all players practice safe gambling. Most punters still gamble even when it’s not best for their finances.

AI comes to the online casino rescue once again as it helps identify potential problem gamblers early. The technology achieves this feat via its ML technique that monitors, gathers, and interprets the customer’s data. It analyzes the data thoroughly and notifies the casino once it spots problematic patterns.

As a result, the player’s account can be restricted, and help can be offered before the addiction worsens.

3.   AI Can Help Casinos Catch Cheats

 AI is also beneficial to online casino operators. When the technology is deployed correctly, it provides an extra security layer for the casino by helping it spot cheaters.

This is special thanks to its great self-learning and data processing tools, which it uses to detect certain irregular behavioral patterns, such as when a player uses probability calculators to predict game results.

If you don’t know, a probability calculator is an online tool gamblers use to predict the possible outcome of an event. Luckily, the casino’s AI can detect when this tool is being used continuously, alerting the casino operators of such activities.

In response, the casino can block the suspicious account and prevent cheaters from having an unfair advantage.

Catching cheats isn’t just beneficial to the casino; it is also helpful to legitimate gamblers who play by the rules.

We must point out that the casino’s security system must keep improving if it wants to continues using AI to detect thefts since cheaters are always looking for smarter ways to take undue advantage.

4.   AI Can Ruin a Casino

 As much as AI technology can help a casino catch cheats and prevent hacks, it could also ruin it. Because just like every other powerful innovation, AI can also be a threat when in the wrong hands.

I’ve already spoken of how AI’s machine learning ability allows it to collect and analyze several data. So if cheats have access to such technology, they can use it to win huge sums of money, which would ordinarily be impossible.

Every casino has something called the “house edge,” which means the casino has a statistical advantage over its players. And even though players can hit jackpots now and then, it is still a drop in the ocean compared to what the casino makes.

AI in the wrong hands can cause a casino to lose its house edge and be forced to pay out more money than they usually do.

For this reason, online casinos work tirelessly to ensure that their AI is on the lookout to spot players that are using computer-aided devices to predict game outcomes.

5.   AI Can Use Your Patterns Against You

 In 1997, a chess grandmaster named Garry Kasparov was beaten by a supercomputer called Deep Blue. The computer was specifically designed to study a player’s pattern and respond to it by predicting and countering its next move.

That was exactly why Deep Blue beat the world’s greatest chess player. And this proves that AI can use your patterns against you, not just in chess but also in online casino games.


 AI is a technological marvel which has been adopted in many industries. There are even fears that AI may replace humans who provide training services in the future.

There are already smart bots that offer such services across several platforms.

As for the gambling industry, we can expect more improvements in AI, as online casinos keep developing better ways to curb gambling addiction, offer better customer service, and prevent gambling fraud and hacks.

AI is gaining recognition, not just in the gambling industry but also in the entertainment and financial sectors.

Thanks for reading!


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