Artbat has an edge in a great selection of dance music

ARTBAT launched a new label UPPER GROUND with a single Flame in August.

The second release arrived last month with another Ukrainian classic, Horizon.

Since they started working together in 2015, the talented duo of Artur and Batish have created and released a stable stream of music focused on quality and innovative dance floors.

It was only a matter of time before they started their own imprints for their output at UPPER GROUND.

The spirit of the label is to be the exit for their unique and creative sound.

Horizon returns to their roots, where they remain true to their vision and return to what they are known for: a unique and innovative positive sound.

We caught up with them this week and asked them to talk to us through some of the big tracks currently available on their DJ set, including the new single Horizon.

Whomadewho-Abu Simbel

One of our favorite starting tracks, it brings such a positive atmosphere and creates a perfect friendly atmosphere. A gem that is perfect for any set.

Monolink-Return to Oz (ARTBAT Remix)

The beautiful vocals of Monolink are always tracks, which bring a melancholy dancing rhythm everywhere it is played.

Joris Voorn-Navigator

A great and powerful peak time banging techno truck that won’t get confused. Great energy and every time we play this, everyone’s hands are in the air!


The first release of the new Upperground label released in August. A track about fire that brings feelings of heart, passion and feelings of love. I’m so happy the moment I’m really proud when this comes out and the label is launched!


Borial is a very interesting and special track for us! Great melody and powerful drops combine to make a real impact on any dance floor!

Faceless-Insomnia (Maceo Plex Epic Remix)

A clearly iconic track remixed to great effects by Maceo Plex. He brought these classic vocals back to the modern dance floor, and the result was spectacular proportions. Remixing such known tracks can be very difficult, but MaceoPlex is actually delivered here.


A deep melodic techno track that makes you feel like you’re on a short space travel hyperflight. It’s my second release on a new label and I’m proud of it again.

Röyksopp-What else? (ARTBAT remix)

Remix from us one of the best tracks from the mid 2000s. A special vocal that touches people’s souls. We love being given this opportunity and hope we have taken pride in the original.

Stephan Bodzin-Boavista

A new gem from the most talented Stephan Bodzin from his brand new LP of the same name. A track full of deep dramatic emotions and Stefan’s wonderful signature rhythm.

ARTBAT, Sailor & I-Best of Me

One of our lovely tracks :) Epic tracks with vocals, powerful drops and melodies, which means a great connection to Sailor & I. This was also a huge success on the charts, and our fans love it when we drop it on the gig!

Artbat has an edge in a great selection of dance music

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