Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a “bad” car accident when a woman was taken to the hospital

Arnold Schwarzenegger His SUV truck was involved in a bad car accident after rolling over the Toyota Prius on Friday, January 21st.

Hollywood actor Arnold, 74, was involved in a collision at Sunset Boulevard around 4:35 pm Pacific Standard Time (1 am Greenwich Mean Time).

He is said to have been involved in the incident with four cars. Police said they had not been arrested and excluded the involvement of drugs and alcohol.

Officer Drake Madison said Daily Mail: “Neither alcohol nor narcotics are suspected to be the cause of this clash. All parties remained on the scene. No further information is provided.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles on Friday

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A female Toyota Prius driver is said to have been “seriously injured” after the collision. TMZ.

She is “bleeding heavily from her head” and is understood to have been taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The Prius was reportedly trying to make a U-turn when the collision occurred.

Terminator actor Arnold’s car reportedly began to “roll”, “ride on the Prius” and “continue to charge Porsche Cayenne.”

Witnesses collide with TMZ "crazy" And that "Stunt movie"
Witnesses told TMZ that the clash was “crazy” and compared to a “stunt movie”

Actor spokesman said Los Angeles Times Arnold was “just left home” and was driving the GMC Yukon that hit the Toyota Prius.

Arnold wasn’t injured and stayed on the scene, his spokesman added.

Witnesses described the TMZ accident as “crazy” and compared it to a “stunt movie.”

Meanwhile, a LAPD spokesman told the PA: “There was a collision of about 4.35 between Sunset and Allen Ford Avenue.

Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger "I am deeply worried about the injured woman"
Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be “deeply worried about the injured woman.”

“This was a four-vehicle car accident, and a fire department and a rescuer took a woman to a local hospital with an abrasion on her head.

“Neither alcohol nor narcotics were suspected as a factor in this, and all parties stayed on the scene.”

Actor Arnold is said to be “ok”, but he says he is “deeply worried about the injured woman” and wants to check her personally.

In the photo shared by the publication, Arnold can be seen talking to police and other people on the scene.

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At the time of the crash, American actor and fitness personality Jake Steinfeld was reportedly on the scene.

One photo shared by TMZ showed Steinfeld standing by Arnold near the crashed car. Both are said to be “best friends.”

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies told TMZ that the accident was due to Arnold’s SUV.

They claimed that the vehicle was turning left when the “left turn arrow was still red”.

understood! We are seeking comments from representatives of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a "bad" car accident when a woman was taken to the hospital

Source link Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a "bad" car accident when a woman was taken to the hospital

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