Argo Blockchain Stock Price: Peter Wall Gives Investors 10 Reasons to Believe

Argo Blockchain Stock Price: Peter Wall Gives Investors 10 Reasons to

With the recent fall in Argo Blockchain’s share price, many investors will, of course, question Argo Blockchain’s next: In a series of comprehensive Q & A with investors over the past few days, CEO Peter Wall has answered many detailed questions and believes that he has provided 10 reasons why investors still believe in the long-term outlook. ..

This is what ShareBuyers has removed from what Peter Wall, who was open and transparent so far, had to say.

10 Reasons Investors Believe in Argo

  1. Cryptography is a long-term play: Wall said he feels that “everyone needs to be chilled”. If you are interested in this area, we believe that cryptocurrencies are in the future and still in their infancy. It takes time to incorporate it into the financial system. Like any investment, he admitted that there was a temptation to check daily movements.
  2. Short-term and long-term sources of revenue: Cryptocurrency mining is currently where things are going and is a good place for Argo. However, Argo aims to be involved in the widest ecosystem possible, and opportunities change quarterly and open to a variety of possibilities. Pluto-like investments are an example of long-term earnings diversification.
  3. Don’t try to list the FTSE 250: Wall emphasized that Britain was and will continue to be important to Argo. However, for a variety of reasons, we decided not to upgrade the list to include it in the FTSE250 index. ..
  4. NASDAQ List: “can not say anything”
  5. Texas is an ideal option for expanding your business. The state has a large amount of low-cost renewable energy and a competitive grid structure that allows for lower power purchase contracts. Things are going well and there are no concerns.
  6. The surplus land can be used “wisely”: 320 acres of land is more than necessary for mining operations. You will use what you don’t need in a “smart way”.
  7. HODL prices are not taken into account: Argo is bullish on Bitcoin and believes it is a better and more valuable store than any other asset. Therefore, it makes sense to increase your balance sheet by holding Bitcoin.
  8. Strong cash position: Investors should be afraid of dilution, raisings will help cover operating costs, and given how Bitcoin is valued, it makes more sense not to sell Bitcoin now.
  9. Mining margins cover the main costs: Argos’ strong mining margins cover most of the direct costs in terms of power and hosting costs.
  10. M & A doesn’t make sense for Argo: It doesn’t make sense for Argo to buy another miner. They end up buying their own machines (including depreciated ones), and these companies are overvalued. It makes more sense to invest in your business.

Investment is full of ups and downs – long-term trends are paramount.There is no difference between Argo and Crypto

Investment is full of ups and downs. Even the largest companies today would have had a series of ups and downs.

Long-term trends are important. Peter Wall seems to emphasize this in most of his answers – Argo is confident in Crypto’s long-term reputation and influence.

Holding a stake in Argo Blockchain or a new position agrees with the same view.

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Argo Blockchain Stock Price: Peter Wall Gives Investors 10 Reasons to Believe

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