Are the days of work at work gone forever?

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People no longer go to work until after the pandemic.

This is the opinion of Will Lewis, director of OBI Property, at BusinessCloud’s last lunch break “Why employers need to raise the bar in the modern workforce.”

The event took place in collaboration with pro-manchester and was hosted at the offices of the Trowers & Hamlins law firm.

Will Lewis helped secure some of the biggest occupants in Manchester and said Covid-19 tore the rule book.

“Previously the office was a place where people could show up and get on with their work,” he said. “Covid has turned his head upside down.

“Many companies have changed the function of the office to use it as a cultural, social and collaborative meeting place.

(LR) Ian Makin, Laura Herbert, Will Lewis

“The place where people do their jobs could be anywhere. People like to be able to work where they want.

‘People want flexibility. People actually still go to the office every day, but still appreciate that flexibility for those days when they want to work from home. Each business is very different.

“In terms of the future of the workplace it is almost too early to tell. Those people who went very early may have made a mistake.

“Some occupants downsized rather aggressively when this (Covid) was in its infancy. Will he go back to typing? Probably not, but some industries are embracing the office more than others.

“How do you lead, educate and train young talents if you are not sitting next to them?”

Wayne Bennett, director of Fairmont Recruitment, told the audience that companies and candidates need to think carefully about recruiting.

LR George Tilbury, Lucy Sunner, Wayne Bennett

LR George Tilbury, Lucy Sunner, Wayne Bennett

“Whether you are an employee or an employer, you need to know what you want before you start the journey,” he said. “Get an idea of ​​where you want to go.

“The pandemic has forced people to evaluate their work-life balance and how work fits rather than the other way around. This is what has changed. I think it will rebalance itself. “

George Tilbury, Sales Manager, ADT Workplace, helped advise Autocab on their recent move to Circle Square.

“The office is about bringing people together and bringing people together,” he said.

“You will still have to provide the basics of the office. The watchword is agility.

“We have to try to put our experience on the line and show the occupants what we can do and what others are doing.

“We have to ask them ‘what does your staff want and why? What do you need to bring your staff back to the office? “

The other speakers were Lucy Sunner, head of culture at Autocab; Ian Makin, co-founder and head of secure software at Naimuril; and Laura Herbert, head of personnel at Apadmi.

The event was hosted by BusinessCloud executive editor Chris Maguire.

Are the days of work at work gone forever?

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