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Khloe Kardashian and her baby dad, Tristan Thompson, have had a volatile relationship since their first loving release in 2016.

Reality stars get along with basketball players and get caught many times, Flirting with him on social media, Rumors that scatter sparks.


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How did Chloe and Tristan meet?

The pair was the first Rumored to meet each other in September 2016, When they were found to leave the Bootsy Bellows Nightclub in Los Angeles within minutes of each other.

The timeline for their romance and subsequent farewell is:

What was the scandal with Jordyn Woods?

February 20, 2019, Chloe Was split from Tristan After he tricked her with her sister Kylie’s best friend Jordan wood..

Chloe was shocked to find out about Jordan, Insiders said the Kardashian family’s uproar had “reconciled” with their two-year boyfriend at a house party.

Spectators reportedly saw them hugging and intimate at the party. This was Chloe’s last straw and their relationship ended.

But this wasn’t the first time Tristan was involved in a trial with another woman.

In April 2018, Tristan Thompson reported in the United States Discovered “kissing” a woman in a nightclub video..Sources reportedly identified the mysterious brunette as a New York strip bar worker and Instagram model. Rani Blair..

That same month, the news immediately followed the claim from TMZ The Tristan returned to his hotel room in New York with another woman on the same Saturday night.

Are Chloe and Tristan back together?

Chloe and Tristan reportedly said they would stop it again. PageSix..

A friend of the former couple said, “I’m on good terms. There is no drama.

“Everything is friendly and they are on the same page as co-parenting.”

Rumors of their division surfaced after Tristan was found in a room with three women at Bel Air’s birthday party on June 18, 2021.

He reportedly looked “disturbed” when he left, according to sources. Daily mail.

“Tristan has taken off to one of the party rooms where everyone hooks up, sources said.

“He was with three women and another man. One of the girls he was with was a regular party — she always goes out to parties.

“The other girls have just begun to go out in this group. He did this in front of about 30 people, so I heard people talking.”

In a short clip posted by Tristan’s old teammate Jordan Clarkson, the Cleveland Cavaliers player appeared to have his arms around Chloe in a long braid.

Despite their cheerful appearance, sources told the publication that Chloe, 37, and Tristan, 30, haven’t returned together.

Insiders added that the pair still live separately, but Tristan is looking at the founder and daughter of Good American. true, 3, every day, they continue to co-parent.

Sources say: “The pandemic only gave them the opportunity to hang out more and engage in friendship.”

The duo seems to be on good terms wDiscovered together She reportedly picks up her daughter True from her gymnastics class.

Tristan and Chloe too Raise a family In the next season’s clip of the Kardashian family turmoil.

Chloe states in the clip:

Former Jordan Craig and his son Prince’s father, Tristan, replied, “That’s what I want to hear!”

On October 6, 2021, Tristan was reported to be “begging” Chloe to bring him back.
A source close to the couple told the sun that Chloe had given him an ultimatum.

“He is begging Chloe to bring him back and make it official,” they said.

“He told her he was going to prove to her that he could do it, so he vowed not to go near the other girl for six months before asking her again.”

They continued. “She revealed that if he could do it, she would open her arms and welcome him.

“But if he can’t, he’s gone forever.”

Did Chloe and Tristan separate again?

The couple seemed to be rejuvenated until Thompson filed a lawsuit alleging that he was incurring child support and pregnancy-related costs from another woman.

Marary Nichols gave birth to her son last week, claiming that she and Tristan became pregnant in March 2021. Man..

One source reportedly told the magazine that Chloe knew about the child and that she and Tristan were together when the unfaithfulness occurred. According to sources, Chloe is “advancing” from Tristan, but they have successfully co-parented their daughter True.

“Tristan and Chloe have been disbanded for some time and there is no problem between them.

But sources said exclusively US Weekly Before the news hit social media, Tristan opened the door to Chloe about Marary’s children.

“Tristan told Chloe when the media dug up and officially began asking his team for comment.

“He knew it was inevitable (and) he would no longer be able to keep it away from her.”

 Tristan and Chloe have spent more time together


Tristan and Chloe have spent more time togetherCredit: Splash News

Does Chloe want to grow a family?

Chloe revealed during Sarah Hyland’s appearance Ready parts In March she had a plan to do Expand her family I had previously undergone an embryonic procedure with Tristan.

“I noticed that my eggs aren’t strong enough to freeze. I need to mix them with sperm to make an embryo. I actually made an embryo.

“And using Covid to find out about this entire childbirth process makes it much more difficult during the period of Covid if you need help with childbirth.”

Are Chloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson together?The complete timeline of their relationship – the sun

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