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Are cannabis seeds legal in your country?

The legal situation of cannabis has been in flux, especially in the last few years. Although numerous regions worldwide have relaxed cannabis laws, few have tightened them.

 What is certain is that there is no longer black and white on the subject. Cannabis laws today are nuanced and, at times, complicated.

The worldly stoner may think he knows his stuff for a moment because he regularly follows what is happening around the world and keeps himself informed through numerous reports.

 Many fail when it comes to detailed questions because of the finesse, ambiguity, and grey areas of their national legislation.

But the answer is simple: cannabis seeds are legal in the UK and Europe, and you can now shop online for cannabis seeds at SensorySeeds and collect the best marijuana seeds!

 Where to get if not order?

If you want to grow cannabis privately in The UK, you first have to procure the seeds. Nowadays, people like to order on the Internet, there are enough suppliers, for example, from Spain or the Netherlands, but some bet seed banks, such as BSF Seeds, come from the US.

 But is that legal? In which country can I buy seeds? For what purpose can I buy them? And what about other countries in Europe? We want to get to the bottom of these questions briefly here.

 Cannabis seeds in the EU

Seeds in Europe are usually only criminally relevant as soon as they germinate. However, hemp seed has many uses, so the seed itself is typically not illegal.

Furthermore, in the United Nations International Treaties on Dangerous Substances, cannabis seeds are not listed among the banned drugs because they do not contain any intoxicating or addictive substances. Therefore, it can be purchased and used as a dietary supplement for oil extraction, bird seed, or any other purpose.

 However, if germination is intended, you quickly move into the criminal area. An exception is the licensed cultivation of EU-certified varieties and other hemp varieties that do not exceed a THC content of 0.2 per cent at any stage. Since the seeds of THC-rich cannabis also have no active ingredients, they are also legal in that sense.

 The long history of the hemp seeds

While owning and buying cannabis seeds is legal, the UK is the only European country that has banned the sale of seeds. This means that seeds can be ordered from abroad, and it is not illegal to purchase or possess them.

 There will be no British seed bank for the time being according to the applicable law, but you will still have to order from Spain or Holland. And of course, this is only for collecting because germination remains prohibited.

 United Kingdom

The UK is also about the germination process. As long as you don’t have anything to do with it, you don’t have to fear any trouble with the law. The purchase and possession are legal, whether domestic or foreign. However, as soon as the topic of germination is addressed in the consultation or sales pitch, you are liable to prosecution.


Even if one would like to associate a liberal drug policy with the Netherlands, the reality is still a little different. The basis on which the many coffee shops do their business is still a balancing act between legal and illegal. There is also no legal basis, only a tolerance policy is practised, and cannabis is tolerated. Of course, you can own and trade seeds. Germination plays a role when it occurs to an extent beyond tolerated self-consumption.


In Spain, the situation with the Sami is similar to that in the Netherlands, with the slight difference that legality is better anchored in law there. Also, in Spain, seeds can be traded and owned. In addition, a few may also be germinated here for personal use. However, shops that want to sell cannabis seeds need a special licence.


Buying seeds in Italy is elementary since they are sold as cultivation accessories in grow shops. Paradoxically, cultivation is forbidden, even though you can get everything in a shop. Cannabis is illegal in Italy, although you are not necessarily prosecuted for minor consumption offences.


The level of penalties imposed in France for cannabis-related criminal offences, even for consumption offences, is unusually high by European standards. And yet, possession and purchase of cannabis seeds are legal. Here, too, germination, or the intention to do so, enters the illegal realm.


In the US, cannabis legislation is a state matter. The same, therefore, also applies to the seeds. The differences can be vast, with legal requirements ranging from states with regulated recreational use to conditions where cannabis is unavailable for medicinal use.

 In other countries

In some Asian countries, acts related to cannabis are still severely punished, sometimes with death. On the other hand, in other countries like India, the plant grows wild.

 In South America, a lot is changing in terms of legalization. After Uruguay, voices have already been raised in Mexico and Brazil that want to decriminalize the plant or even institutionalize it in society again.

 With the world moving, the information in this report may become outdated in a relatively short time. So, it makes sense to get an overview regularly.

 But no worries … the seeds of your choice (legal in the UK and Europe) are already around the corner with SensorySeeds.com!

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