Archie Battersby: Timeline of legal battle over 12-year-old’s life support

Doctors are due to take off Archie Battersby’s life support on Monday unless the court gives a last-minute order.

His family is embroiled in a months-long legal battle with medical professionals who say they should stop treating the 12-year-old because he is brain-dead.

But A Last minute auditions are already allowed After the UN said it also wanted to look into the case.

Archie’s mother, Holly Dance, described the months after her son’s injury as an “emotional roller coaster”.

Here’s the timing of the case:

April 7

Archie suffered an injury at his Essex home, which left him with brain damage. He was found unconscious and has been in intensive care ever since.

His mother believes the incident may be related to an online challenge.

June 13

Supreme Court Doctors could legally put Archie on life supportThe judge said that the boy died at the end of May.

The court was tasked with deciding what was in Archie’s best interests, as doctors wanted to stop the boy’s treatment but were met with opposition from the family.

June 20

It was Archie’s family He granted leave to appeal Decision of the Supreme Court.

Their lawyer argued that the evidence did not show “beyond reasonable doubt” that Archie was dead, but that the decision was made on the balance of probabilities.

The judge said the appeals court should consider the standard of proof issue.

Archie Battersby suffered brain damage after an incident at home in April (Family File/PA)

(PA Media)

June 29

The shaft won their hearing in the Court of Appealwhich returned the case to the High Court for reconsideration.

July 15

The Supreme Court upheld its previous decision, He says the doctors could have gone ahead And turn off Archie’s life support.

The new judge said: “This court must ask itself whether continuing to ventilate in this case is in Archie’s best interests.

“With the deepest regret, but by the most convincing evidence, I am led to conclude that it is not.”

July 25

Court of Appeal Denied the family’s appeal The second decision of the Supreme Court.

Archie Battersby’s parents fought to keep their son alive


July 28

Supreme Court Refused to stay with Archie’s family so that the hospital authorities could stop the boy from the vital unit

His family asked for it because they wanted to apply to the UN.

July 29

Archie’s family The United Nations was asked to look into their life support struggle.

On the same day, the UN asked that the 12-year-old be kept alive until the case is heard.

July 31

Government He asked the high court to “urgently consider” the UN request. Delaying Archie’s removal from life support.

Archie Battersby has been unconscious since April (Battersby family/PA)

(PA Media)

August 1

Doctors were initially supposed to withdraw life support at 2 p.m.

But on the same day a High Court hearing was held to find out whether Archie should be kept alive while the UN case was heard, the hospital agreed to wait for the outcome.

Archie Battersby: Timeline of legal battle over 12-year-old’s life support

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