Applied Driving Technology Targets Risky Driving Behavior with Ai-powered Driver App-

Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) has released an AI-powered driver and behavior safety app that provides the most comprehensive monitoring and engagement tools currently available. Developed in partnership with Sfara, Applied Companion detects and logs risky driving events and uses targeted safety messages, performance reports, and trigger training to fix driver behavior issues. Is aimed at. During the 15-month trial period of the app, ADT witnessed dramatic changes in driving habits, with significant speed reductions (68%), hard braking (70%), and rapid acceleration (90%). I did. The Applied Companion also includes a set of personal safety features that provide 24/7 protection for lonely workers.

“Applied Companion takes a driver-centric, supportive approach to revolutionize fleet risk management,” explains Andy Phillips, global managing partner. Applied Driving Techniques (Global Solutions) Ltd.. “It’s not just about changing behavior, it’s about changing attitudes by constantly strengthening our safety message and treating drivers as individuals with unique needs.”

Applied Companion combines smartphone sensor input with learning AI to identify dangerous driving behaviors (sudden braking, sudden acceleration, contextual speed, phone handling, collision detection) and generate actionable information. .. The app can also distinguish between passengers and drivers, so it knows when and when to attribute a driving event to an employee.

Based on individual performance, a targeted email or SMS message is first sent to the driver as a safety reminder, followed by one or more of the 27 trigger training modules to enhance proper driving choices. I will. Weekly performance reports for both employees and key stakeholders provide an easy-to-read summary that includes a simple ranking system to promote healthy competition. These steps are usually sufficient to mitigate road-based risk, but if the problem persists, a notification is sent to the relevant manager.

Personal safety features give app users 24/7 access to an emergency call center that provides assistance in the event of an emergency. Three options are available to create a safety net around a lone worker in or out of the car. The SOS feature means that you can raise an alarm just by swiping the phone. The triple-tap timer allows you to seek help or make scheduled check calls in a 3-tap process, even if your smartphone is in your pocket or bag. Please check the safety. Next-generation crash detection using proprietary Enhanced Sensor Processing (ESP) technology also boasts the highest false positive suppression rate on the market.

“Concept Applied companion Simple – Gives the driver useful feedback on the integration tools needed for performance and improvement. We have tried the app with drivers both in the UK and abroad. This helped us to understand the great potential in terms of improving road safety and return on investment. We are currently deploying Applied Companion to new and existing fleet clients, with additional safety and compliance features planned later this year, “concludes Philips.

Applied Driving Technology Targets Risky Driving Behavior with Ai-powered Driver App-

Source link Applied Driving Technology Targets Risky Driving Behavior with Ai-powered Driver App-

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