Apple is leading the 5G transition, reports say

Perhaps more than any company, Apple is transitioning the 5G upgrade cycle to a license to print money. But the reality is that, at this stage of deployment, the true importance of faster mobile broadband is yet to be fully realized.

Apple takes the biggest slice of the 5G cake

Device deployment, at least, seems to be accelerating. Counterpoint claims that sales of 5G-capable smartphones surpassed those of 4G devices for the first time in January 2022, reaching 51%. At the same time, recent data from Gartner and Canals Confirms that Apple devices accounted for a huge chunk of smartphone sales in the same period.

That means Apple is driving 5G adoption. As Gartner said, “There was strong demand for iPhones due to 5G upgrades.”

Morgan Stanley notes that Apple’s iPhone installation base has now been reached about 1.1 billion users. Apple is expected to sell now 30 million iPhone SE devices capable of 5G in 2022 as well as ongoing sales across its iPhone 13 5G range.

But, to a significant point, many people who buy an iPhone 5G are still only able to use 4G service. Data show that while 62% of people in the US have 5G compatible phones, only 49.2% use their 5G connection regularly.

Millions still think they are using 5G, even when they are not.

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Apple is leading the 5G transition, reports say

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