Anthony Watson: Players should do what they think is right in the fight against racism

Anthony Watson We believe it is important for sportsmen and women to continue to use their platform to kneel in protest of racial injustice.

Watson was one of England’s players performing iconic gestures before last fall’s campaign and the recent Six Nations match, and was given the choice of whether or not an individual would act.

And when the pre-tour camp begins next week in Jersey, the British and Irish Lions team will be involved as they begin discussing what approach to take in South Africa.

The English football team was booed by some fans for kneeling before the Euro 2020 warm-up game between Australia and Romania. This is Watson’s frustratingly predictable reaction.

Four months ago, a 27-year-old woman summoned social media critics against Eddie Jones’ team, who showed their support in the fight against racism.

“Am I disappointed with the reaction? I don’t know. To be honest, I was expecting a bit,” Watson said on behalf of Land Rover, the official sponsor of the Lions tour to South Africa.

“On social media platforms, there’s very little real content behind reasoning, and many people say a lot. Only six months ago, I said I knew this would continue. ..

England players were booed for kneeling before the Euro 2020 warm-up game

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“I don’t think everyone should be forced to do anything. People should do what they think is right. When they are with Lions and whether it is universally discussed. When asked, I throw my opinion into the hat in terms of what I do.

“I would like to continue to raise awareness of some of the racial inequality I believe is still prevalent in this country and around the world.

“Racial abuse of soccer and athletes, online or anywhere, is unacceptable.

“It continues to happen, especially with the frequency and scale at which it happens, but it is important to continue to raise awareness.

“I think that’s an important message. Soccer players are doing a great job. It’s so important that we’re happy that the conversation continues as a result of people kneeling.

“I’m starting to see more and more people discussing it in the right kind of context and better understanding why athletes are kneeling.”

Watson, whose mother Vivian is Nigerian, disagrees that sports should be separated from causes such as anti-racism and rejects the relationship between Knee and Black Lives Matter as a political movement.

“Whether sportsmen should focus on their sport … it’s a double-edged sword,” Watson prepares to embark on a second Lions tour after three test starts against New Zealand four years ago. I said I was doing it.

England players are given individual choices on whether to take the knee

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“In a sense, I agree that your main focus is to maximize your abilities, but by maximizing your abilities, many people and children around the world. It can also have a huge impact on us, but what doesn’t work is such a waste of the platform.

“Kneeling has been around for quite some time on this political agenda that people cast, and in my opinion they use it as an excuse to hide some of their problems.

“If you want to do something, and the kneeling person has to do it himself before booing something. It’s from kneeling ….. The first example I can think of is Martin Luther 1965. This is King.

“But it goes back to the slave trade before that. It’s ridiculous to draw that connection between kneeling and political organizations, and in my opinion it’s an excuse to fit their agenda. . “

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Anthony Watson: Players should do what they think is right in the fight against racism

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