Another Year Passes and the Climate Change Deadline Is Coming Closer –

Written by Mark Perera, Chief Executive, Vizibl

As 2022 progresses, we are reminded once again that the deadline for 2030 climate change is approaching. The main goal is to keep global warming to 1.5˚C – a task that remains a herculean undertaking, despite the efforts of world leaders at the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP26) last November.

The ‘what, why, when, and how’ we should address this urgent issue were key topics for discussion and debate at our recent meeting. Ten Years of Our Lives departure. I thought, therefore, that it was worth sharing a summary of the key points of discussion, from our team of expert practitioners who shared their insights into climate, carbon and the Scope 3 challenge.

Actions beats inaction, every time

Ten Years of Our Lives: Climate, Carbon and Challenge Scope 3 The event highlighted not only the scale of the task facing businesses and the world at large, but also the ever-evolving time in our lives. In his keynote address, “Inaction is always the best measure”, Jim Massey, Zai Lab’s Chief Sustainability Officer, and former ESG Vice President of AstraZeneca, outlined the urgency of the challenge. He said: “As a former high school athlete, it was always exciting to watch the countdown, the end of the game,” he says. “However, this is a very different feeling for me. This is literally life and death. This is neither a winner nor a loser. ”

Jim put forward a very strong case not only for action, but for the importance of presence. It reminded us all that another 1% of the decade slips along with every five weeks that pass. The urgency of this call to action is always on my mind as I write this article.

One exciting takeaway from our event is that, as temperature rises continue to march at unsustainable speeds, the planet has already warmed by below 1.1˚C, further highlighting the enormity of the challenge ahead. if we are to limit the heating to 1.5˚C. . Given the power of supply hands to make a significant contribution to the challenge of climate change, Jim intends to ensure that this is not just a daunting task, but an opportunity to drive change forward.

Being an early adopter is not easy

However, not all decisions will be easy. He reminded us “Being an early adopter is a challenge,” commenting on his own experience in an electric car during a time when there were few chargers. He added: “One charger was broken, and we had to wait 30 minutes while another vehicle was loading. Being an early adopter is difficult when the infrastructure is not fully there. It’s about how you bring others with you and how you maintain your patience. The steps you are about to take in the next five weeks may be uncomfortable – but if you do not take that action, who will? ”

There were those who said that the pandemic would destroy the UK’s sustainability drive and replace the desire to tackle climate change with something more fundamental – a scramble for businesses to survive. But, if anything, the disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic only highlighted the critical importance of tackling global warming. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it has been accelerated during COVID-19.

Collaboration is crucial

Cesare Guarini, Philip Morris International’s Director of Sustainable Procurement, emphasized the importance of collaboration during the event. Using a powerful excerpt from the British explorer Robert Swann – the first to travel to both the North and South Poles – he reminded us that “the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” This statement, he argued, shows that this is not a crisis that individuals working alone can solve: we are all accountable, and this is a collective issue at its core.

This is a fact that Emir Sassi, Novartis’s Global Leader in Procurement Sustainability, knows all too well.

Novartis is a company committed to carbon neutrality by 2030, and during the conference Sassi acknowledged, to some extent, that this public commitment is a huge step into the unknown, saying: “We did not need to know what it was necessary to be there. done – we knew we needed to achieve it. ”

It’s that kind of bold, doable attitude that now reflects companies’ approach to the environment, and is equally refreshing and significant. Novartis has spent 2021 segregating its supply base and identifying which suppliers need to work with them to achieve its sustainability ambitions, a clear demonstration that alignment and cooperation within supply chains is at the heart of this fight.

Powerful developments in sustainability

And finally, Deborah Dull, an expert and thought leader on circular supply chains, spoke about the exciting developments taking place in the sustainability space, highlighting the fact that technology is moving fast in areas such as carbon sequestration, routes regeneration that would seem impossible. a short time ago and they are within reach now.

“We only have 0.4˚C left [until the 1.5˚C target is exceeded], so to argue that we do not have ten years, that we have eight months, ”she says. “So we need to bring our action together at this point. The piece of regeneration becomes crucial for us. We need to start imagining a different type of supply chain, a different type of operating model and a business model and certainly different subjects. ”

Revitalization, collective responsibility, co – operation and mindfulness were four key takeaways from an event that demonstrated not only the collective desire for action in supply, supply chain and sustainability functions, but also reminded everyone together that the future is beginning now.

The next five weeks represent 1% of the most important decade of our lives. And now is the time, as you begin to implement plans for 2022, see what you can do immediately to get closer to this goal. This is the most important decade for climate action, and change must happen now. Millions of lives will depend on it.

Another Year Passes and the Climate Change Deadline Is Coming Closer –

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