“Another Layer of Adrenaline”: Infantino Says VAR Delays Improve Soccer | Football

President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino“Adding another layer of adrenaline,” said fans, who had been waiting for VAR’s decision, defended the technology one day. When a law amendment is announced.

Changes to the handball law, the introduction of “semi-automated” offside decisions, and the possibility of offside redrawing were agreed at the annual meeting of football legislature Ifab, with each change in mind for VAR. It was designed.

Premier League fans are accustomed to canceling the celebration due to a long VAR delay, but Infantino said it was added to the scene.

“Rather than getting rid of things, we’ll add another layer of adrenaline in the game,” he said. “Now, if you suspect you’re checking, you’re waiting, you see, and it’s the adrenaline of how it makes football: wait for the results.

“I think VAR gives and brings more justice to the game. It makes the game cleaner and helps the referee make the right decisions. If it might deprive someone of the joy, it’s a decision. Will give joy to others when the game changes, so the joy of winning the game is still there.

“I can’t hear you say anything negative about VAR. Justice is everything.”

The interpretation of Handball’s Law has been changed so that goals are not allowed if the player mishandles them in the buildup.Announcement is coming Too late for flamThose who saw Josh Maja’s equalizer against Tottenham were excluded by VAR for that reason. The law will come into force worldwide from 1 July, but may be used in Euro 2020.

Ifab also confirmed that a semi-automated offside decision trial would soon take place. This will automatically check the position of the player in aggressive movements live and update the Lineman (perhaps through the headset).

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A Proposal by Arsene Wenger Matching any part of the body that can play the ball with the defender in order to adjust the offside law to benefit the attacker means that the player is on the side, but probably soon in China. It will be tried. The possibility of broadcasting a conversation between the referee and the video assistant during the decision should be investigated.

Mark Bringham, CEO of the Football Association, a member of Ifab’s board of directors, welcomed the possibility of handball changes and semi-automatic offside, admitting that “fan experience is compromised by waiting.”

Blingham also confirmed that England was not required to host any more matches at the European Championship this summer. “We don’t expect to host more games and we’re not 100% lobbying,” he said.

“Another Layer of Adrenaline”: Infantino Says VAR Delays Improve Soccer | Football

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