Anonymous reporting app for student sexual harassment

British tech firm imabi has developed software to help students deal with sexual harassment directly through a one-of-a-kind app.

“imabi inspire” allows students to anonymously report sexual harassment and other harmful behavior in a discreet manner, giving staff the ability to monitor reports and identify problems.

The software focuses on a reporting service, which puts students in direct contact with support teams.

Quarterly data reports are also delivered directly to security teams within the school, college or university.

In-app support and help are available to students to allow for a better understanding of the problems they may face and how to get help.

The imabi software meets Ofsted’s requirement that schools prove they are aware of and address any sexual abuse issues that may arise.

Recent data shows that 90% of girls and 50% of boys reported seeing unwanted sexual images, while 92% of girls and 74% of boys reported sexist insults.

Mark Balaam, CEO and founder of imabi, said: “Sexual harassment is much more common in schools than many believe, but students are unfairly burdened with the fear of not being believed or even blamed if they report inappropriate behavior.

“imabi works with both students and staff to provide a safe space for reporting and improve intervention to safeguard a culture of non-tolerance towards harassment in our educational institutions.”

imabi also recently launched another one-of-a-kind app in partnership with the British Transport Police as part of the “Speak Up, Interrupt” campaign that addresses violence against women in the transport network.

The Railway Guardian app provides tips on how users can become active bystanders with in-depth guidance on what and how to report sexual harassment and other harmful behavior.

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Anonymous reporting app for student sexual harassment

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