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Anna Soubry in a bitter cabinet reshuffle explosion: “The worst prime minister ever!” | UK | News

Proposals for Johnson to undertake a major cabinet reshuffle have been around throughout the summer. Today, the Prime Minister acted on these reports, promoting and demoting many of the people closest to him in the government. Former Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson has been regarded as the hottest dismissal.

Since the blunder of GCSE and A-level results last year, there have been question marks about his role as an observer.

And although he looked like a better precautionary test this year, he was superseded by Vaccine Minister Nadim Zahawi.

Nadine Dorries has been recognized as the most amazing successor — a best-selling novelist who acts as a cultural secretary from Oliver Dowden.

Her move was uncontroversial, as former Conservative Party and Change UK MP Anna Soubry said Johnson proved to be “the worst prime minister in history.”

Blame him and the government, she wrote:

Ms. Soubry no longer affects Westminster.

After asylum in Change UK, she lost Broxtowe’s seat to Conservative Darren Henry in 2019.

Change UK was dissolved within 10 months of its establishment. This group was formed for the December 2019 general election.

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Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has been fired and replaced by Michael Gove. Mr. Gove retains the government’s “level-up” agenda (spreading wealth and opportunities throughout the country) and his current responsibility for addressing the demands of another Scottish independence referendum.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Interior Minister Priti Patel continue to work.

Dominic Raab has been replaced by Minister of International Trade Liz Truss as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Raab was accused of handling Britain’s evacuation efforts in Afghanistan after the Taliban was hijacked.

He is believed to have had a conversation with Mr Johnson before the new roles of Secretary of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister were announced.

Mr. Raab represented Mr. Johnson last year when the Prime Minister was hospitalized for the coronavirus.

He was already seen as his de facto deputy prime minister, but his new title formalized it.

Elsewhere, Mr. Dauden has been given the role of Minister of Non-Profit in the Cabinet Office.

He will also co-chair the Conservative Party, replacing Amanda Milling.

And Mark Spencer remains the party’s general affairs and oversees the party’s discipline.

Anna Soubry in a bitter cabinet reshuffle explosion: “The worst prime minister ever!” | UK | News

SourceAnna Soubry in a bitter cabinet reshuffle explosion: “The worst prime minister ever!” | UK | News

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