Anger after awakening revealed that he lived in an army base in support of the hopeful police reimbursement of the Governor of New York.

one of New York CityThe most famous activists for reimbursement of police funds live in military barracks protected by tanks and soldiers, it has appeared.

Juman Williams, running for Governor of New York, was accused of hypocrisy when New Yorkers stood up and died on Sunday. crime Then gun violence surged and he learned that he lived in a fortress.

“He can protect himself, but can’t we still?” Asked Joseph Roland, 53, who lives near Williams Base in Brooklyn.

He said New York post: “I’m angry that he can protect himself at a military base as long as the city’s citizens can protect themselves, whether it’s a private security company or a police station where we pay taxes. I haven’t set up. “

Williams, 45, is currently the New York City Public Advocate and an elected position. That is, he oversees city agencies, investigates service complaints, and makes suggestions for improvement.

Juman Williams, 45, is currently scheduled to be elected Governor of New York, and the Democratic primary is scheduled for June.He is a supporter of the voice of the police defense movement-still alive surrounded by military security

Williams seen on June 2nd reacts to a wave of anti-Asian attacks

A Brooklyn-born politician lives in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn’s army base.

He has long been a supporter of the police defense movement, and in June 2020, during a George Floyd protest, he led the march to the Brooklyn Borough Hall and demanded a reduction.

Williams hopes to cut the New York Police Department’s budget to fund youth and community development, social and children’s services, and the $ 1 billion cut agreed in July 2020 is unsuccessful. Said enough.

He also threatened to refuse to sign a warrant approving the collection of property taxes that underpin the city’s budget.

He said he would not sign the warrant unless the city eliminated the next class of police officers.

“If there is a job freeze for all city agencies, it should include the NYPD,” Williams said at the time.

He did not follow up on his threat.

A Williams spokesman said his residence at an army base was consistent with his view of reimbursing police funds.

“The proposal that his job of protecting, promoting and rethinking public security depends on his address is believed by his records on these issues over a decade. The job is that he is in the neighborhood of the entire city. It continues while advocating policies to move the community forward, “said a spokesman. New York post..

Williams wears the “Stay Woke” badge and speaks at a rally near where a 10-year-old boy was shot dead in Queens.

Williams, his wife and children live at Fort Hamilton Base in the Bay Ridge area of ​​Brooklyn.

The family, who have lived there for two years, rent a townhouse on the corner of the base for about $ 4,000 a month, with views of the backyard and the waterfront of Veraza Nonarrows.

Vehicles and passengers are subject to identity verification and surveillance to enter the base.

In 2018, Ecuadorian pizza delivery person Pablo Villa Visensio, 35, was handed over to the Immigration Bureau while carrying food to the base. His proceeding was later withdrawn.

The base is one of Brooklyn’s most protected corners.

“When he needed a new home for his family in 2019, they were publicly available in Fort Hamilton because they offered the best unit for his family’s price and standards, not because of their location at the base. We chose a possible unit, “said a Williams spokesman.

Williams (far right) is depicted on November 1st at the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN), along with councilors Bradlander (left) and Ruben Diaz Jr. (second from left). It has been.

As a public advocate, his taxpayer funded a salary of $ 183,801.

According to Post, similar properties on nearby public roads are rented for nearly $ 5,800 per month.

There are 228 homes in the garrison, 15% of which are occupied by civilians who have to join the waiting list to move in, the newspaper said.

The base housing has a free parking lot, a large swimming pool, a playground, a bowling center, Burger King, Einstein bagels, a subway, a dry cleaner, a gas station, a barber shop offering $ 14 haircuts, and a US post office. ..

The base also has a variety of military hardware, from historic and World War II cannons to modern humvees.

Brooklyn was born and raised and was a councilor before being elected Municipal Inspector.

On November 16, he announced that he would run for Governor of New York and take over the incumbent Cathy Hockle (and her $ 10 million campaign warchest) and Attorney General Letitia James.

Other Democratic candidates voted in November at the June Primary Association include New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Mayor of Yonkers Mike Spano. Steve Bellone, the mayor of Suffolk County.

Anger after awakening revealed that he lived in an army base in support of the hopeful police reimbursement of the Governor of New York.

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