Andy Murray vs Alexander Bublik LIVE: Stuttgart Open scores and latest updates

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Follow live updates like Andy Murray continues its campaign on grass against Alexander Bublik at the Stuttgart Open this afternoon. After skipping Roland-Garros to focus on his Wimbledon preparations, Murray returned to action by reaching the Surbiton Trophy semi-finals last week, but will look to step it up against world number 44 Bublik in this second-round match.

Murray brushed aside Australian qualifier Christopher O’Connell 6-4 6-3 in the first round to get off to a winning start in Stuttgart but should face more of a challenge against Bublik, who beat Denis Kudla 7-6 7-5 in the of his first-round match, the player Murray lost to in the Surbiton Trophy semifinals.

Murray and Bublik have already met twice this season, with both games taking place on hard courts. Murray took the first encounter at the Rotterdam Open in February, but the Kazakhstan player got his revenge with a 7-6 6-3 win over the 35-year-old at Indian Wells in March.

“I thought I played good tennis at times,” Murray said after his first win over O’Connell. “I didn’t serve my best today and obviously got off to a slow start, but once I got the break back in the first set I played some really good points. It was pretty solid from there but yeah, I’d like to serve a little better. Follow fas Murray vs Bublik live scores and updates, below:


Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 2-2 Bublik* – Bublik comes back strong

Bublik is all over the place here as he gestures towards his box in confusion after driving a forehand volley wide. He shows good defense on the next point, however, to return a smash from Murray and win the point.

Suddenly, Murray is the one throwing his racquet into the grass in frustration as he leaves a backhand in the net. It’s a lot better, though, as Murray brings Bublik down with a bunt before playing the winner who passes into the far corner.

30-30, and Bublik attacks Murray’s second serve, as he runs around a forehand and sends it into the corner. The ball took an odd bounce off the line that seemed to confuse Murray.

Break point – and Bublik gets it with a brilliant forehand that cut the line, after Murray got close to the net.

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:45 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: *Murray 6-3, 2-1 Bublik – Murray breaks

Murray gets a chance at 30-30 as Bublik drives a backhand down the line, before a double fault brings a break point.

Bublik, oddly, went for another sneaky drop serve – only this time catching the net. His response was to fire a second serve that Murray can only return, as Bublik hits the winner.

Bublik can’t get away as he goes long with the backhand from midfield, and another double fault again creates a breaking point for Murray.

Remarkable, Bublik cracks with his third double fault of the match and Murray has the early break!

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:38 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 1-1 Bublik*

Murray drops a forehand into the net after Bublik comes in with a slice volley, but Murray then outlasts his opponent and finishes with an excellent backhand deep in the corner. Murray takes Bublik’s forehand forehand and watches a response drift long, before Bublik misses again to put it up 40-15. Another big serve from Murray seals the hold, as Bublik stretches in an attempt to put his racket on it.

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:33 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: *Murray 6-3, 0-1 Bublik

Bublik plays his shot of the game so far with a whipped forehand past Bublik to make it 30-0, before Bublik fires an ace. The catch is the service is quickly concluded with a first wide service that Murray puts in the net.

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:30 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3 Bublik*

Good things there from the three-time Grand Slam champion – especially on the first serve. Murray won 15 of 17 points on his first serve in that set, and that was just on a 63% first-serve percentage.

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:28 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3 Bublik* – Murray wins the first set

Murray advances through a first serve, but then watches a backhand slice drift long. On 15-15, Murray remains patient and Bublik unleashes a poor forehand into the net before mumbling to himself. Murray then enters the net and Bublik can’t find a way through as he sticks another forehand into the net, about halfway up as well.

Two set points for Murray, and the former will beg with a backhand that is headed wide of the lines.

But the first serve hits the mark and Bublik bounces his racquet across the grass as he pushes the return wide!

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:26 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: *Murray 5-3 Bublik

Bublik does what it takes and is helped by back-to-back aces to make it 40-15. He then opts for sneaky cushioning to serve! It nearly caught Murray but he reached it to return the volley, only for Bublik to send the backhand winner down the line.

Murray will serve for the first set.

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:22 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: Murray 5-2 Bublik

Murray racked up the back-to-back points with big serves, an ace taking it 30-0, then an error from Bublik making it 40-0. Bublik then plays a poor backhand drop shot that limps into the net. It’s been eight straight points, the break has solidified and Bublik will get some fresh balls as he looks to serve to stay in the set.

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:19 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: Murray 4-2 Bublik – Murray breaks

A good start from Murray to return a first serve from Bublik to the backhand side and enter the point with depth to the baseline as Bublik nets. Bublik then goes long, while Murray comes in at 0-30.

And it’s a Murray winner! Bublik’s ball was short and in midfield and Murray steps in to put a cross winner on the forehand.

And here comes the break! Bublik commits his first double fault of the match and Murray takes the lead in this first set.

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:16 p.m.


Stuttgart Open: Murray 3-2 Bublik*

Nice play from Murray to put away the volley at the net after bringing Bublik down with another bunt – but his opponent wins on the next exchange of nets as Murray scores on the forehand.

30-30, but Bublik goes long on the forehand before Murray delivers a big wide serve that Bublik can’t keep in play with the backhand block.

Jamie BraidwoodJune 9, 2022 1:12 p.m.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Bublik LIVE: Stuttgart Open scores and latest updates

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