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Andy Burnham says railroad nationalization ‘not a headache’ in Guardian interview at labor conference – UK Politics Live | Politics

Burnham says nationalizing railroads is ‘easy’

burnham In the Conservative leadership election, candidates said they wanted to revive Thatcherism.

But they go further, he says. They are borrowing to finance tax cuts for the wealthy.

There is no evidence that this works. “How can you gamble on such a scale in a cost-of-living crisis?” he asks.

In the 1980s, basic necessities such as water, buses and trains were put up for sale. However, the service has not improved. People are paying more and that money goes to shareholders and management.

Greater Manchester will put buses back under public control next year, he said.

He says he sees nationalizing the railroads as “an easy thing to do.”

It cheers.

He asks how many people have used Avanti to get here. Service is terrible, he says.

He said a day trip to London would cost £369. He says he can get a flight to India for that.

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Afternoon summary

  • Burnham said renationalizing the railways should be “easy” for Labor. In the Guardian’s fringe event at the conference, he said voters needed to be given a clear idea of ​​what they would do if Labor won the election. He said nationalizing the railroad was “a simple matter”. (look 5:54 p.m.) He also rolled out across the country the £2 cap on bus fares that he has introduced in Greater Manchester, built more affordable housing, provided social care on NHS terms and increased the benefits for young people. I suggested that the party should propose to prioritize. And he argued that Labor should include proportional representation in its manifesto. How Britain is governed, he said, is a core issue, not a “niche issue”. Delegates voted to hold a debate on PR. (look 3:34 p.m.) But before voting Sturmer Said He doesn’t put PRs in manifests.

Andy Burnham conversing with The Guardian Editor-in-Chief Catherine Viner at a workers’ conference in Liverpool. Photo: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian

burnham He has said he supports changing the voting system. And he put it in the manifest.

He says the Tory leadership contest, which culminated in a mini-budget, showed how the political system can be manipulated by a few people.

Power was concentrated in 50 to 100 people, he says.

He says he will do PR for the commons and replace the lords with bodies that represent the region. And he will receive the greatest delegation of power.

What’s wrong with working with the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats, he asks.

Q: Why can’t labor go for it?

burnham People say it’s not a priority for voters. But Labor may have to work with other parties. Going back 100 years, the Tories have been in power for two-thirds of her term. Because the system works for them. There’s a reason he should give two-thirds of the next century to the Conservatives, he says.

And he says it’s outrageous that people were admitted to the House of Lords as donors.

How power works and how it is used, he says, is “not a niche question,” but a core one.

that’s all. Q&A is over.

Burnham says Labor should prioritize policies for youth

Q: what should i do labor tell young people?

consider them first, burnham Say.

He says the government put pensioners first when Labor was in power. It was even more pronounced when the Coalition was launched.

As mayor of Greater Manchester, he says he has made spending on young people a priority.

His daughter will have to work in a Liverpool bar until she graduates from college, he says. He says young people are having a harder time living than when he was younger.

He says he doesn’t want to lose all his tuition. He doesn’t think it’s fair to people who don’t go to college, but seeing how young people are treated, he doesn’t deserve £9,000 for tuition.

Access to housing – Mr Burnham said it would be great if Labor had the solution to the housing crisis.

Taking a break from Andy Burnham at another fringe event Wes Streetingthe shadow health secretary is joking about the demise of Momentum as an all-powerful force within the party, my colleague Aubrey Allegretti report. street It was partly referring to Momentum’s failure to obtain one of the priority motions selected for discussion. (look 3:34 p.m..)

Very successful “Labour To Win” rally – Wes Streeting jokes that the campaign group “Momentum” should be renamed “Inertia” under the Trade Labels Act.

He says, “We are winning the party. Now it’s time to start winning the country.”

We call a debate agenda victory a ‘6-0’ pic.twitter.com/V1wRPOkmxa

— Aubrey Allegretti (@breeallegretti) September 25, 2022

burnham ‘Social care in NHS terms’ says the policy is the right time. He’s happy his Wes Streeting is pushing this. He says he pushed this a decade ago when he joined his brief at Health.

he says he doesn’t think labor Wins elections by default. Policy must be provided.

And that should include “public ownership of the necessities of life.” People are ready for it, he says.

He says the energy policy announced today is a good one. But the party now needs to show how it can lower energy bills.

Viner is currently doing rapid-fire rounds.

Liam or Noel? both.

Viner does not accept it. burnham claim both.

Brown or Blair? brown.

It applauds.

Truss or Quarten? do not have.

Avanti or Virgin? virgin.

Monarchy or republic? Monarchy.

Did you sing the national anthem?

burnham He says he wasn’t in the hall, but perhaps he was right to sing it.

William or Harry? William.

Mick Lynch or Bette Lynch? Bed.

burnham He says that he must go to the icon in the north.

burnham His plans for an integrated transportation system bee network, after the Manchester symbol. He says he also has a bee tattoo.

burnham He says he lives in Lee, his former constituency. He went to Tory in the last election. That’s why he’s a “red wall” voter, he says.he can’t see it doing anything but voting labor At the next election, he says.

He says his advice to “red wall” Tory lawmakers is that they should either start decrying mini-budgets or start cleaning up their offices.

burnham The Tories say they are at a loss.

The parties start talking to themselves, he says.that’s what happened labor expiration of term.

As such, he believes this could be the last Labor meeting before forming a government.

Q: Should we stop using the word “woke”? It’s just used to attack people.

burnham It says it’s right, but the same applies to the term political correctness.

He says the Tories are losing the support of all young voters with this approach.

burnham The British right says they are using Donald Trump’s playbook to try to ignite a culture war. It’s a deliberate strategy, he says. People should stop getting caught up in this.

Q: Can I continue as Mayor of Greater Manchester and still be a Member of Parliament?

no, say burnhamDan Jarvis could do it, he says. But he says his position is different. He is the Police and Crime Commissioner.

He said he has not ruled out a return to Westminster.

But he also says he wants to end the impression that Westminster is “the only show in town.”

Q: Why weren’t you invited to speak at the conference from the podium?

burnham Say you don’t know why. They probably didn’t have time.

He says the party should put more emphasis on Metro mayor’s achievements.

He says he is introducing radical policies. However, he has the support of the business world. And he won all the boroughs of Greater Manchester.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2022/sep/25/keir-starmer-labour-party-conference-uk-politics-live-news Andy Burnham says railroad nationalization ‘not a headache’ in Guardian interview at labor conference – UK Politics Live | Politics

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