Andrea Corr, 47, is surprised to see her lean physique in a Barbados bikini.

Andrea Corr made a family trip to Barbados every year to show off her impressive appearance.

Koa’s singer, 47, often spends her winter vacation in the Caribbean with her husband, Brett Desmond, and her two children, Jean (9) and Brett Jr. (8).

During the day on this trip to the beach, Andrea wore striped bikinis and dark-rimmed glasses while bathing in the winter sun.

Barbados is the place Andrea’s husband Brett, 44, proposed to her in 2008, so see the star having fun at the waterside with his family for a while in a place that has a special meaning to the star. Was completed.

Andrea Corr enjoyed the winter sun during a family trip to Barbados

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Andrea gained fame alongside her three older brothers, Caroline, Sharon and Jim, as part of the Irish band The Corrs in the 90’s, and later became a successful solo artist.

She married Irish billionaire Dermot Desmond’s eldest son, businessman and capitalist Brett, in 2009.

The couple had two children after the tragic experience of multiple miscarriages.

The singer said earlier Daily mailYour magazine that she wanted to be a mother after the couple tied a knot and experienced “a lot of suffering in silence”.

Andrea is best known for being part of The Corrs with his brother.

She states: “No matter how often it happens, as soon as you realize you’re pregnant, you’re in the dreaming mode of wanting this kid, and suddenly everything is gone.

“Whenever I was so sad about a life that wasn’t there anymore and I was really afraid of it. I was always miscarriage.”

Cores has sold over 40 million records worldwide and is back in 2015 after a nearly 10-year hiatus where various members of the group raised their families and pursued solo projects.

Andrea posted a photo of her reunion with her brother Jim and sister Caroline on Christmas.

The star recently collaborated with Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood on a Christmas song called “Blue Christmas.”

She also posted on Instagram during the celebration with her brothers and bandmates Caroline and Jim, writing: Merry Christmas loves our family on your xxxx.

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Andrea Corr, 47, is surprised to see her lean physique in a Barbados bikini.

Source link Andrea Corr, 47, is surprised to see her lean physique in a Barbados bikini.

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