And just like that … Episode 3: Summary: Sorrowful Carrie gets another blow

Sex and the City’s eagerly expected reboot and just like that … Returning to the screen on Thursday, fans screamed after the shocking death of Mr. Big (Chris Noth) in the opening episode. saw.

Episode 3 of the series entitled “When in Rome” is Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) Going back to work, I recorded an awakened sex podcast with Choi Diaz (Sara Ramirez). She admits it was “about a few weeks”, but was relieved to know that she was “never happier” than the last few weeks with Big.

In the next scene, Carrie meets Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and reads a big book with his longtime assistant Gloria (Brenda Vaccaro).

And just like that … Episode 3: Mr. Big’s secrets and lies were revealed with a shocking face from the past that came back to confront her, so sad Carrie was yet another blow. Received

Still, the emotional situation quickly becomes tense when it becomes clear that Big has left £ 1 million for his ex-wife Natasha Naginski.

It was when it was revealed that 26-year-old Natasha (Bridget Moynahan) had known her for only five months, which shocked famous SATC fans in Season 2. Carrie and Big are famous for embarking on a short incident during his marriage, which led to a tense confrontation between Carrie and Natasha when she learned of unfaithfulness.

As shocked Carrie struggles to handle the news, the estate executor, in his experience, upsets women, where money is usually used to put an end to an “unfinished business.” I think it is.

The scandal continues while Carrie and Miranda meet Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Stanford Blatch (played by the late Willie Garson) for lunch.

Shock: Big was found to have left 1 million pounds on his ex-wife Natasha Naginsky, leading to a shocking return to the series by Bridget Moynahan.

Shock: Big was found to have left 1 million pounds on his ex-wife Natasha Naginsky, leading to a shocking return to the series by Bridget Moynahan.

Still upset by the news, Carrie shouts,’I’m one of the wives Big was taking care of … why is she there? “He destroyed her life,” while Miranda was museing.

As Carrie continues to question why Big kept the plan secret, Miranda is seen desperately looking for the wine she ordered, adding more fuel to the allegations of alcohol problems on reboot. ..

The despised Carrie then explains why:’I can’t believe it. Big is gone and Natasha is back. “

Returning to her New York apartment, Carrie desperately tries to get into the big laptop looking for clues as to why he made the decision, but Charlotte tells Rose (Alexa Swinton) across the town. I’m reading.

After a reboot, 12-year-old Rose admitted that “I don’t feel like a girl,” and the embarrassed Charlotte is trying to spread the word by announcing that “I sometimes don’t feel like a girl either.” ..

The next morning, Charlotte meets her old friend and Stanford’s husband, Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone), to discuss Rose’s confession. Anthony said he needed to “ignore it” and go ahead and dismiss the concept of childlike fantasy.

In a drama about Rose’s gender identity, Carrie tries to connect why Big left money for Natasha.

Carrie explains her decision to Miranda, revealing: “It wasn’t easy … the sixth stage of sadness is a stalker!” She expressed her anger that she hadn’t responded yet, adding: It’s a ghost. “He, she”, before tracking Natasha on Instagram and DMing her-just respond and get blocked immediately.

Carrie has no other way to contact Natasha, so she hides in Miranda and Charlotte to sneak Natasha out of the office, confront her, and she’s still in contact, or worse, has a relationship with Big. Find out if there is one.

As Charlotte and Miranda wait for Carrie across the street, Miranda has a mini-bottle of alcohol in her purse, and she has a marriage problem with Steve, and they have been having problems marrying Steve for years. You can see that he admits that he is not sleeping with him.

However, Carrie was blown away by Natasha again in the office, forcing Natasha to accidentally close her eyes and escape from the office window, so she has no time to talk further about her problem.

The next morning, Carrie regains her composure and admits to Miranda. ‘I’m really angry with Big. After all these years, this is what I have left. He ruined our happy and sad ending.

After going out for a walk and clearing his head, Carrie stopped at a coffee shop and used the toilet, but accidentally used the toilet to break into Natasha.

The showdown then continues, with bitter Natasha saying:’At the coffee shop? At my job? Where are you going to hunt down the next carry? What do you want me to do? ”

When Carrie begs to sit down and talk to Natasha, the previously furious Natasha reluctantly sits down, revealing that she now has two children and doesn’t want money from Big’s will. , Since then she reveals that she hasn’t talked to her ex-husband divorce.

Natasha admits that he doesn’t understand why Big married her when Big was still in love with Carrie, and Carrie speculates that it was his way of apologizing for the case. ..

Carrie has finally completed the necessary closures, so she takes the girl to see her boss Choi’s stand-up routine. There, a comedian discusses her gender identity and the struggle against her sexuality-it seems to chord with Miranda.

After the show, she hangs out to talk to Choi, especially before sharing the marijuana joint with her, especially at intimate moments.

Meanwhile, Charlotte admits to Carrie that she is worried about Miranda’s drinking at the taxi house and believes there is a problem, but Carrie immediately fires her.

The episode ends with Carrie deciding to return to Brownstone’s apartment, where old rent is managed, rather than the suite she shared with Big.

And just like that … 23 years after the original television series debuted, and 11 years after the second movie, Sarah, Cynthia, and Christine are all back without Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones.

Filming began in New York City in June and ended just a few weeks ago.

The photo taken from the Paris set caused a lot of turmoil among fans as Carrie was found kissing a new character played by Jon Tenney.

Fans began to speculate about the marriage status of Carrie and her longtime on and off lover, Mr. Big (Chris Noth). He finally tied a knot at the end of the first Sex and the City movie.

The trailer released for the new 10-episode series seems to show that they are still a pretty happy couple, but given their on and off history, they are split at some point in the series. There is a possibility that

Still, while recently promoting Shownight at a late show with Stephen Colbert, Cynthia and Christine essentially confirmed that they had shot a “fake scene” to ward off enthusiastic fans.

‘Yes, definitely! ‘Christine shouted, but Cynthia shook her head with a bitter smile and said, “Never.”

Colbert pointed to Christine and said, “I believe in you,” and when Colbert asked again, Cynthia shrugged and admitted, “That may be true.”

It’s unclear if the Parisian kissing scene with Jon Tenney was a “fake” because they didn’t mention a particular scene.

Three other returnee stars are Mario Cantone (Anthony Marentino), Evan Handler (Harry Goldblatt), David Eigenberg (Steve Brady), and Carrie’s longtime friend Stanford Blatch. Includes the late Willie Garson who filmed the episode. At the age of 57.

And just like that … created by Michael Patrick King, based on Candace Bushnell’s book.

And just like that … Episode 4 Broadcast in Thursday 12:01 PT / 3:01 AMET at HBO Max USA. In the UK, the show will air on NOW TV at 8am and the Sky Comedy will air at 8am and 9am, and 9pm and 10pm.

And just like that … Episode 3: Summary: Sorrowful Carrie gets another blow

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