Analyst: Apple’s AR glasses run Mac chips

Apple is currently the first generation That AR / VR glasses In the fourth quarter of 2022, a report from analyst Ming-chi Kuo goes into a little more detail on what you can expect from these things.If true, someday you Wear your Mac like sunglasses..

To be fair, I’ve already heard a lot about this.For example, we knew it for years Apple has worked with Sony On the lens These devices And we have endlessly spread lyrical ads about what to expect after shipping.

We know they will be expensive, and Apple has a development roadmap that combines both software and incremental hardware enhancements to take over this new product family.

So what’s new and how does it relate to your business?

Kuo says of this product:

  • Expect two processors. Mac-equivalent chip, Another to handle the sensor input.
  • It will be a standalone device, not an accessory. You don’t need a Mac or iPhone to use them.
  • headset I will use it Two Sony 4K Micro OLED display..
  • Supports a variety of apps, not just specific ones.

What really matters is the expected division of labor. According to Kuo, the headset has “Same computing power level as Mac, “On the other hand, another chip handles” sensor-related computing. “

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Analyst: Apple’s AR glasses run Mac chips

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