An armed assailant pushed my screaming son, 6 years old, into the oven and threatened to cook him alive.

The family was horrified to watch a brutal attacker gang try to push his 6-year-old son into the oven and threaten to cook him alive.

The distraught boys were in the hands of seven heavily armed men who attacked a family farm in Mpumalanga, South Africa.


Family farms were attacked by malicious gangsters
This wasn't the first time the farm was looted


This wasn’t the first time the farm was looted

It was just one of a series of inhumane attacks on the peasants, tortured with a torch lamp while the grandmother was being held down, and recently burned her limbs.

In a recent attack, the gang put the screaming young man in the oven and said he would roast him because he thought his family was hiding his cash.

Livestock farmer Neil Biaman (47 years old), wife Sonya (43 years old), son Daniel (13 years old), Jacobas (10 years old), Gideon (6 years old) have owned for the past 15 years. I was ambushed at the farm I was on.

The family runs a guesthouse on their land, and on Saturday two men and one woman arrived at the door.

Sonya, the three mothers, said:

“There were five other men in the woman and two men who were with her. They were armed with a shotgun and five pistols and tied up Neil, so they didn’t have time to react. bottom.

“They left my husband in the kitchen and took me to the place where the safe was stored. There was nothing I could do. Pray loudly to protect us.” She said.

They took her horrified sons Daniel, Jacobs, and Gideon, pointed their weapons at all four, and threatened to fire unless they opened the Strong Box.

Inside was a 7.65mm Browning pistol, a Browning rifle and a pellet gun, but no money or valuables. The gang was furious and believed that there was another hidden vault.

Sonya said: “We repeatedly said we wouldn’t save money at home, but they didn’t believe me.

“I didn’t know if my husband was alive or dead, so they grabbed my youngest Gideon and took us out of the kitchen when he knew he wasn’t shot.

“Neil was helpless and had to watch over him for fear when they opened the door and tried to hug Gideon and push it into the oven, but he bravely counterattacked and wrestled with them.

“They finally gave up, but still wanted money, so I gave them a can and R200 (£ 10) in my wallet, and my eldest son gave them a few rand wallet inside.”

Coincidentally, the workers wandered around the farm to get chicken food, ran away to see what was happening, and panicked the gang to escape.

They brought Neil’s bank card and PIN code, some cell phones and guns, and the key to the Isuzu pickup truck that stole and tied the whole family.

Sonya said: Were we in line to be executed? I mainly prayed that my children wouldn’t see me shot dead. “

The gang is still on the run and the family is being counseled about their trauma.

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubla confirmed that Leeufontein’s farm had been plundered many times by armed gangsters.

An armed assailant pushed my screaming son, 6 years old, into the oven and threatened to cook him alive.

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