Amy Walsh celebrates baby shower with sister Kimberley and Emmerdale co-stars

Back in September, Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh exclusively announced the exciting news that she was expecting her first child with her soap star partner, EastEnders actor Toby-Alexander Smith.

And now the 34 year old has celebrated their impending arrival with a star-studded baby shower attended by her famous sisters ahnd Dales co-stars. See all the pictures from the beautiful event – and read Amy’s interview on becoming a mum – by signing up below for free.

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Actress Amy Walsh was certainly showered with love when she celebrated her baby shower recently.

Joined by 40 of her closest friends and family, including sisters Kimberley Walsh and Sally Sheppard, the 34-year-old marked her little one’s impending arrival with a gorgeous day at The Faversham in Leeds.

From a personalised poem read out by Sally, to a video compilation of Amy being an auntie made by Kimberley, there were plenty of personal touches that left Amy feeling more than a little emotional.

“There was not a dry eye in the house,” says Amy, who plays Tracy Metcalfe on Emmerdale. “It was a very emotional day.”

Amy Walsh celebrated her baby shower surrounded by her nearest and dearest, including her Girls Aloud star sister Kimberley

Also in attendance were Amy’s co-stars, including Fiona Wade, Michelle Hardwick, Laura Norton, Natalie Ann Jamieson and Olivia Bromley, as well as Gemma Atkinson and Louisa Clein.

And with Amy’s due date around Christmas fast approaching, the star says she and her partner, EastEnders actor Toby-Alexander Smith, 30, are counting down the days until their bundle of joy arrives.

“He’s so excited,” says Amy. “He keeps ordering little outfits for the baby and calling them costumes!”

The Emmerdale actress gushed about the “amazing” decorations

Here, Amy, who met Toby two years ago when they were seated next to each other in the audience at Strictly Come Dancing, shares her beautiful baby shower with OK!

Hi Amy! How was your day?

I had such a good time. It was lovely. I just had people there who are my really good friends. I had so many gifts and between them, and all the hand-me-downs I’ve got from my sisters, I’m doing alright!

A guy who I know in Leeds found the venue for me and then a party planner he knows sorted all the food and decorations, which were amazing, so I hardly had to do anything. It was a relief as I’ve got enough on my plate!

Did you play any games?

Yeah, that was the one thing I’d not thought about and then my sisters and best friends said, “You need to let us do something, you can’t plan your whole baby shower,” so they did the games and made it so lovely.

We played a brilliant game called Food or Brood. Basically my two loves in life are food and babies, so there were pictures of half my face, mainly my eyes, and I had to guess if I was looking lovingly at a piece of food or a baby.

It was quite hard to guess as I’m very in love with both of them [laughs]!

Amy’s actress sister Sally wrote a personalised poem for her

What was the highlight of the day for you?

I loved it all but I think the most beautiful moment was from my sisters. We’ve got a tradition in our family where my mum has always written an ode to us for our big birthdays, so a little poem which says what we’ve been through over the years and what we’ve achieved, and my sister Sally wrote one for me about me becoming a mum.

Oh my God, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Then in the middle of it they played a video that Kimberley had made of me with my seven nephews and my best friends’ kids.

The poem suggested how much I adore everyone in my life and their babies and what a good mum I’m going to be. It was so emotional.

Amy was also joined by her Emmerdale co-stars including Fiona Wade, Michelle Hardwick, Natalie Ann Jamieson and Laura Norton

That’s amazing! It sounds like your sisters have been very supportive…

Yeah, you could see it on the day – their love for me is unbelievable. They’re just so excited for me. The poem was about what an amazing auntie I’ve been for the last 10 years to their kids.

It just made me realise how much they’ve appreciated that and how excited everyone is to see me with mine. I can’t wait to see my sisters with my child.

The thought of my siblings having the love I have for my nephews towards my child is really lovely. It was a very emotional day and I did a little speech, too.

The bash included some delcious sweet treats for the guests

Toby’s mum and sister also came and it was the first time they’d met my family because of Covid-19.

And what did you say in your speech?

I just showed my appreciation for everyone travelling all that way and making such an effort. Then I thanked my friends and sisters for everything they’d organised and then I just cried!

I said how everyone here has been through thick and thin with me and everyone knows the journey I’ve had and how it’s ended up. It’s been so magical and I feel so lucky to have Toby.

The gorgeous decorations featured a teddy bear in a balloon hot air balloon

It’s lovely so many of your Emmerdale co-stars and former co-stars were there…

I know, I could have opened it up to everyone but I just kept it to my close group. Roxy Shahidi couldn’t make it as her little girl was ill, so that was a shame as she’s one of my best friends.

But Fiona [Wade], Michelle [Hardwick] and Laura [Norton] are like sisters to me. They’ve really been through it with me and over the last two years all our lives have changed so much, with Fi and Michelle getting married and Michelle and Laura both having babies.

Michelle was bringing her son Teddy and then Gemma said it would be perfect for her daughter Mia to meet Teddy and Laura’s son Jesse. They had their first little meeting. It was so cute. Mia is gorgeous!

The star’s former Emmerdale co-star Gemma Atkinson was also in attendance with her cute daughter Mia

Is Toby excited for the baby’s arrival?

Yeah, and he just can’t wait for me to be down south with him. We’ve moved into a new place together that’s ours rather than having two separate bases.

At the last minute we decided we needed something bigger and nearer my family. I’m renting out my place in Leeds so it really is new beginnings!

Toby has been moving us in while I’ve been up in Leeds busy with work. Every day he says, “I can’t wait for you to be down here and for us to nest.”

He keeps ordering little outfits for the baby and calling them costumes, though [laughs]! We’re just so excited. I love feeling the baby move, it’s so magical.

The 34 year old held her baby shower at The Faversham in Leeds

It was your second anniversary recently, wasn’t it?

Yeah, but I felt so bad because I forgot! I had so much going on with moving house and being busy at work.

Toby text me saying, “Happy two years!” and sent me flowers and a gorgeous card. I was mortified! I quickly got onto Moonpig [laughs]! He said, “You’ve been busy growing our baby so I’ll let you off!” I just blamed it on baby brain.

Will you be going on maternity leave from Emmerdale soon?

Very soon! I’m ready for it. It’s quite hard physically and mentally trying to get my head round everything and I’m tired. Also trying to hide the bump was getting so ridiculous!

I’ve had cushions in front of me and there’s been a lot of coats and scarves. Plus my fingers are so swollen! I don’t feel like me any more and I’m so bloated.

Former Emmerdale actress Louisa Clein also joined the celebrations with her old co-stars and Amy’s family

Is your hospital bag packed?

I’m the most disorganised person you’ll ever meet but that is one thing a couple of people who’ve had premature babies told me to get sorted, especially as I’m always in the car travelling between Leeds and London.

My mum said to do it so at least that’s one thing sorted and then Kimberley said, “Well, actually I wanted to do it for you,” so Kimberley has made up my hospital bag for me.

She did it for Sally and now they’ve passed on the same suitcase to me and restocked it. Kimberley showed me all the bits I needed and said I just need to add my personal bits.

Toby has also packed his bag so if he needs to get to Leeds, he’s ready, but obviously we’re hoping that won’t happen!


Amy’s mum Diane will soon be a grandmother for the eighth time!

Are you nervous for the birth?

I feel weirdly excited about it. I’m sure everyone who’s been through it reading this will laugh but it’s something I’ve always wanted to experience.

I’ve always felt I was made to do it. I’m very aware of how scary it could be so I know it won’t be a bed of roses, but what I’m most looking forward to is going through that journey with Toby.

We’re a really good team and I know we’ll thrive off whatever is thrown our way. We’re just starting our online antenatal classes. I don’t have a plan. It’s not in my nature to plan and any sort of plan would be setting me up for disappointment.

Amy and EastEnders actor Toby met two years ago whilst sat next to each other in the audience at Strictly Come Dancing

How has pregnancy been?

I’ve been lucky. My midwife said to me, “You’ve had a textbook pregnancy”. With me having polycystic ovaries, I was worried that would affect things, but I had the sugar glucose test for gestational diabetes and that came back fine.

I did feel sick every day for 17 weeks but then I turned a corner. For three weeks I felt amazing and then I got pelvic girdle pain and that was rough.

I was really upset and it was up to 25 weeks and I thought, “I’m not going to be able to do the rest of the pregnancy. How am I going to work?” It was so bad, I couldn’t even get to the toilet. Some days I couldn’t even walk.

I decided to see a physiotherapist and an osteopath and the best thing I’ve done is kept up with that.

Amy says her sisters Kimberley and Sally have been incredibly supportive, and singer and presenter Kimberley has even packed the mum-to-be’s hospital bag for her!

Have you picked names yet?

We have one for each which we were set on before we were even pregnant. They’re from our lockdown walks when we were talking about our baby names.

We’ve even called the bump those names, one day the girl name, the next the boy name, but then recently I’ve been like, “I feel a bit bored of these names [laughs]!” So we’re starting to discuss them again.

We might call it Kevin if I go into labour while watching Home Alone!

The expectant mum was joined by 40 of her closest friends and family

How would you feel if you had a Christmas Day baby?

My grandma was born on Christmas Day and she hated it. I do think I’d feel for them if they come on Christmas Day or the few days before, but if they do come on Christmas Day I’ll see it as a sign from my grandma.

I think it will be really emotional. Christmas time is when Toby and I were going on lots of our first dates so I wouldn’t mind if it came then.

We’re both massive Christmas fans. Our plans really depend on when I give birth but we’re planning to go to my family as they’re nearby.

I’d like the baby to come the week before Christmas as it will be so magical for all the kids. The thought of potentially being there with a baby in my arms is amazing.

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Amy Walsh celebrates baby shower with sister Kimberley and Emmerdale co-stars Source link Amy Walsh celebrates baby shower with sister Kimberley and Emmerdale co-stars

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