Amy Dowden shares a photo of Tom Fletcher’s son hugging her after a relapse of Crohn’s disease

Amy Doden Posted a sweet compliment to her dance partner Tom Fletcher And his family continues to recover from her health fears.

NS Please come to dance strictly An expert, 31, was forced to miss a live show on Saturday after spending the night in the hospital following a “relapse” from Crohn’s disease.

She was taken care of at their home by her strictly partner Tom and his wife Giovanna and shared positive updates on her recovery on Thursday.

Hug: Amy Dowden posted a sweet tribute to Tom Fletcher and his family. She continues to recover from her health fears and has posted pictures of her three sons of friends hugging her.

Amy posted a photo of Tom and Giovanna’s three sons Buzz, 7, Buddy, 5, and Max on Instagram. The three hugged the group while relaxing on the sofa at the family’s house.

“The Fletchers took me and treated me as one of them. I can’t explain in words how grateful I am!” Amy erupted in the caption.

“These hugs are definitely the best medicine! Thank you for your wonderful message. It certainly makes me feel talkative again, I drink too much tea and my legs itch and dance !! @ mrsgifletcher @ tomfletcher.’

In another post on Tuesday, Amy once again thanked the fans for their supportive message after Tom and Giovanna intervened to take care of her following the flare-up.

Recovery: After a “relapse” from Crohn’s disease, strictly professionals were forced to miss Saturday’s live show.She has been taken care of by her strictly partner Tom and his wife Giovanna

Feel good: In her latest update, Amy revealed that she’s been feeling better, but relaxed at Fletcher’s house, watched a festive movie, and said, “Drink tea. Too much “

Giovanna provided more up-to-date information about Amy’s condition when she appeared on Wednesday good morning.

She said:’She is good. She was sitting on the couch last night. The color is back on her cheeks.

“She still has a hot water bottle and sometimes you can see her suffering. People with Crohn’s disease live painfully. But as Pink returns to her cheeks It’s great to see.

Sister Support: Amy’s twin Becky is also visiting the dancer to help her sister trim her hair on Wednesday.

“We absolutely love her. For us, it’s not a strict curse. We actually got a new member.”

Later that morning, Amy shared a further update with her fans and wrote: Definitely feels like Amy. “

On Monday, Amy went to Instagram to share a series of photos of an unexpected weekend after hospitalization with Fletchers.

Rough Ride: Dancers were forced to miss a live show on Saturday after spending the night in the hospital (above).

Sweet: Amy revealed that her fiancé Ben Jones was working away so she was being taken care of by her celebrity dance partner and his wife

The TV star talked about how his fiancé Ben Jones works, so Tom and his co-star Sarah Davies were in a hurry beside her after she got sick.

Amy shares a photo from the hospital bed and writes:

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the show because of an unexpected relapse of Crohn’s disease and hospitalization and incredible care.

Sweet: Giovanna provided more updates on Amy’s condition while performing at GMB, and she said she “regained cheek color.”

“I’m recovering very well, certainly well cared for and looking forward to returning to the dance floor.

“Thanks very much to the lovely @saradaviescc and @tomfletcher for taking care of me (Ben was in Blackpool with the dance school in poor days).

“To Fletcher, who confirmed that I had everything in the hospital, the whole family gave me all the love, care, burnt toast (Tom), and an unlimited supply of @ mrsgifletcher clothes with @. The selection of Tom Fletcher socks that brought me back to their home. You may probably need lots of pictures and pretend injections from my new doctors Buzz, Buddy, Max.

“Thank you, they were really sent to me.”

Amy shares a photo from the hospital bed and writes:

After she posted the news, Amy was flooded with messages of support from strictly graduates.

Former celebrity winner Stacey Dooley wrote:

While Saffron Barker said:’The face of an angel who will soon be well [heart emojis]’.

Gemma Atkinson, Penn:’Oh Amy. Send a lot of love. “

Sarah, who was taking care of her, said: Drive off at night with tears in our eyes! “

Thumbs up: Amy shared a photo from her hospital bed on Instagram

Fellow pro Diane Baswell wrote:

2019 Amy She revealed that she was hiding a secret battle against Crohn’s disease. For the first time, the star called out so she could help others suffering from illness.

Speak in a frank interview with Hello! Magazines and dancers claimed she “did not want sympathy” and emphasized that her condition did not “define” her.

She said, opening up why she chose to stay in her condition with Strictly Come Dancing.

get well soon!After she posted the news, Amy was flooded with messages of support from strictly graduates.

very cute!Amy shared a photo of herself and a sweet note drawn for her with one of Tom and Giovanna’s children.

“I first wanted to establish myself as a” dancer Amy. ” But I now spent two seasons at the show. And I think it’s important to speak up. “

She continued:’It would be a relief for people to know in the end, but I don’t want any sympathy. It doesn’t define me, it’s just a part of me. I want to make this a positive story. ”

Crohn’s disease is described by the NHS as a “lifetime condition” and is seen to be inflamed in parts of the digestive system.

Among other symptoms, patients may experience extreme abdominal pain, vomiting, malaise, and diarrhea.

Friend: Amy was also helped strictly by 2021 Alum Sarah Davies

Life with Fletcher: While with Tom, Amy revealed that she was given Yoda’s socks and given a burnt toast.

Amy explained how she only talked to a few co-stars who co-starred severely about her illness, such as her best friends Oti Mabse and Diane Baswell.

Amy most of the time continues her daily routine, but there have been cases where Clonnes influenced her career-but rebellious performers stopped doing what she liked. I won’t let you.

The professional dancer remembered the incident he spit out between dances during the Here Come The Girls tour.

She explained: ‘The theater wanted to call an ambulance. But performance needs to continue. Come out and smile. It doesn’t stop me. ”

What is Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease is a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the inner walls of the digestive system.

Inflammation most commonly occurs in the last section of the small or large intestine, but it can affect any part of the digestive system.

Common symptoms include:

  • diarrhea
  • stomach ache
  • Fatigue (extreme fatigue)
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Blood and mucus in feces (stool)

Remissions occur when a sick person goes for a long time without symptoms, but these periods can be followed by a relapse of symptoms.

Why it happens

The exact cause of Crohn’s disease is unknown. However, research shows that it may be due to a combination of factors. These include:

Genetics – Genes inherited from parents may increase the risk of developing Crohn’s disease

NSHe has an immune system – Inflammation can be caused by problems with the immune system that attack healthy bacteria in the intestines

Previous infection – Previous infections can cause abnormal reactions from the immune system

smoking – Crohn’s smokers usually have more severe symptoms than nonsmokers

Environmental factors – Crohn’s disease is most common in Western countries such as the United Kingdom and less common in the poorest parts of the world such as Africa. This suggests that the environment plays a role.

sauce: NHS

Amy Dowden shares a photo of Tom Fletcher’s son hugging her after a relapse of Crohn’s disease

Source link Amy Dowden shares a photo of Tom Fletcher’s son hugging her after a relapse of Crohn’s disease

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